Premiere: Traces - Do Better


LA-based singer and songwriter Traces is still buzzing from the success of his debut single "Share Your Love". The electro-pop hit has generated over 2 millions streams and has received great reviews since its release earlier this year. Since "Share Your Love" is one of our favorite songs of the year so far, we're very excited to premiere Traces' follow up single "Do Better" today. We caught up with the singer and asked him a few questions about his career so far and his new single.

You're originally from San Diego, what made you move to LA?

I used to go to school for a few days a week and commute to LA every weekend to write with people. I eventually decided to fully pursue music and I haven't looked back. Its great to finally be solely working on my craft and working on great music.

Were you surprised with the success of "Share Your Love"?

I was being optimistic and hoping for 10,000 plays on Spotify. Now we're at 460,000. I didn't expect it at all. I'm happy because its the perfect song to show off both sides of my musical abilities.

Tell us about "Do Better"

I co-wrote and produced it with Michael Maughan right after we did "Share Your Love". We wrote in just a few hours. We have really great songwriting chemistry. We were originally writing the song for someone else but once I recorded it, we both realized that I was the only one that should sing it and I think people are going to love it.

Listen to "Do Better" below and stay tuned for his debut EP due out later this year.