PREMIERE: Vacation Forever Transforms Life Into Youthful Technicolor With “Noova” Video


Vacation Forever takes us on a technicolor road trip back in time with their new video for the eclectic, tropical hit “Noova.” The track, which is produced by the renowned Jeff Bhasker, is the latest jam from their self-titled album Vacation Forever

Vacation Forever has won support from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit, DIY, BEAT and more. Fronted by the phenomenal Swedish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zacharias Zachrisson, Vacation Forever paints “Noova” as an electric guitar-filled indie lullaby that everyone can listen to on a long car ride, a song that brings back childhood nostalgia. 

The video brings the song to life, with a montage of discolored pixelated imagery flashing in and out of the frame. It’s like traveling through a portal of time to get back to that allusive childhood. The visual starts with flashes of vignettes of mountains, bridges, and sunsets out of a car window, all painted different colors. Some are faded and pale. Zachrisson sings, “How did you know that I feel so alone?” Then, we see an image of a man with his head down, sitting at the bar. Continuing on, he expounds further, “All that I want is to belong.” 

He seems to find that belonging in Noova, as the video zooms in like a kaleidoscope onto her face. “She reminds me of something. It’s like going back in time,” Zachrisson sings, and then fluorescent-colored birds appear on the frame. With the discolored imagery, we are transported back to a carefree time, as if time is flashing before our eyes. As Zachrisson sings, “Wish I could see the world through your eyes.” We then see the eyes of baby Noova, waddling towards us and sticking her tongue out. The contrast between adults reviving their youthful spirit and the fresh face of a child gives us Vacation Forever’s call to action: life is precious and timeless. 

Vacation Forever’s past single, “Blank Ocean,” is focused on the death of Zacharias’ mother and his fears of stage fright. The nostalgia we feel with “Noova” is almost a release from that pain and tension from “Blank Ocean.” The brother of Lykke Li, Zacharias Zachrisson is on a one-way trip to the top as he continues to create a wave of exquisite surf-inspired tracks.