PREMIERE: Veridia Takes Us On a Journey Through Life’s Highs and Lows With ‘The Beast You Feed’


Nashville-based trio Veridia dives deep into human emotion in their new album, The Beast You Feed. Comprising Brandon Brown on the guitar, Kyle Levy on the drums, and Deena Jakoub as front-woman and creator, the band Veridia draws influences from No Doubt, Chvrches, Pvris, Twenty-One Pilots, and more. Their songs combine rock, alternative-pop, and electronic elements, each telling a unique story. The Beast You Feed takes you on an emotional journey that leads you from dark confessional songs to songs of declaration and realization. 

The first half of The Beast You Feed spills the artist’s vulnerabilities, and you feel the darkness in Deena Jakoub’s low register voice. Their debut single, “Numb,” describes drowning out sadness with music, then “Cheshire Smile” covers up that sadness with a smile. Veridia explored the need for validation in “Feed The Animal,” growing cynical in “Savage,” and then returning to a toxic lover in “Ghosts.” The tones of the songs are harshly powerful, with stunning rugged vocals and intense beats. 

Then, we see a switch in the story, when Veridia strives towards happiness in “I Won’t Stay Down.“ The next track, “Reckless,” seems to parallel “Feed The Animal,” as she sings about being carefree instead of looking for validation. Then, “Dopamine” turns to looking for beneficial relationships, the positive side of “Savage.” Veridia radiates fun, peppy vibes in “Perfume.” To end the album, Amy Lee and the band slow it down with “I’ll Never Be Ready,” a song about Jakoub’s father’s struggle with a renal disease. The latter half shows a release of tension, with lighter vibes, but still contains Veridia’s raw emotion.

Deena Jakoub commented on the record,

“This record is me vs. myself.  It starts from a selfish, wounded, ‘dark’ perspective and gradually shifts as I tell stories of people that come in and out of my life, who teach me about the fragility of life itself and the truth about love - that it exists only out of a selfless, sympathetic heart and not without pain or hardship. The title was inspired by the Cherokee proverb, Two Wolves. There’s a battle between two wolves raging inside all of us, and the one you feed is the one that  wins. Essentially, ‘The Beast You Feed’ is the one that will survive. We’ve all been through a lot the last couple of  years, as a band and as individuals, and this album became a narrative of  some very personal stories. Those stories reveal that the good and the bad co-exist, in me and around me. In each moment, I have to choose what to dwell on, how to react, and how I let it shape who I become. I can’t change the past and I can’t see what is in my  future, but I can choose how I respond in this moment.”

Derived from the Latin word, “veritas,” or “truth,” Veridia became the band they are today in 2014 after years of collaboration between front-woman Deena and guitarist Brandon. They debuted the hit songs “We Are The Brave” and “Furious Love,” and then joined Evanescence on tour in 2016. Produced by Matt Squire, The Beast You Feed is their first full-length album, which focuses on the black and white aspects of life. 

Ride the waves with Veridia in their debut album here: