PREMIERE: Viceroy & Marc E. Bassy Define Summer Jam in the Infectious “Caught Me A Rhythm”


It may still be a couple days until Summer officially rears its head, but the latest from Viceroy has us feeling like Summer is already in full swing. The San Francisco producer and DJ extraordinaire links up with fellow Bay Area native Marc E. Bassy for "Caught Me a Rhythm," a sonic testament to why Viceroy's slogan is "Summertime all the time."

The San Francisco producer has had a prolific past couple of years, which have seen him collaborating with the likes of Gavin Turek, Giraffage, and K. Flay and making frequent appearances at festivals like Life is Beautiful, Electric Forest and Splash House. Despite the series of successes, the last year has seen Viceroy take a more reflective approach to his music, opting to take the past year off touring to experiment with new sounds. It sounds like the experimentation paid off.


"Caught Me a Rhythm" is a pure, undeniable jam. It's difficult not to move the second one first hits play, as Viceroy's funk-infused blend of future pop is very much defines what a summer jam is meant to be. Then there's Bassy's sultry, R&B style of vocals that lure the listener deeper and deeper into the world they are actively creating. Much like Viceroy himself, "Caught Me a Rhythm" is at its best when its unrestrained from any singular genre preconception or restriction. It's an effortless blend of funk, dance, R&B, pop, and all-around good vibes for a listening experience like no other.

Viceroy expanded on bringing the track to life, as well as hinting at future music,

“I'm super stoked to release ‘Caught Me a Rhythm' - it's the first song of a new body of work that I have been grinding on for a year now. The song came about super organically as we are both from the Bay and wrote, recorded and produced it in San Francisco.”

Until this new body of work comes to the surface, it's safe to say that we will be keeping ourselves pre-occupied just fine with "Caught Me a Rhythm."

Listen to "Caught Me a Rhythm" below: