PREMIERE: ViVii Utilizes Years of Home Footage to Magical Effect in “Siv (You and I)” Video


There is an indescribable magical quality imbued within analog formats. In the crackling of vinyl records, the fuzziness of film photos, and the slight distortion of home videos emanates a timeless, enchanted sentiment. ViVii's latest, a simultaneously heart-warming and breaking video accompaniment to their debut single "Siv (You and I)," is the very embodiment of this magical phenomenon.

ViVii, comprised of spouses Emil and Caroline Jonsson and their friend Anders Eckeborn, make fluttering ethereal indie-pop that is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian in its penchant for fairytale-esque storytelling and Lykke Li in its superb use of vocal harmonies. Yet, the story ViVii has to tell is all their own. "Siv (You and I)" is not just a remarkably well-done pop number; it's a moving song dedicated to their dear departed friend. The duo previously shared some insight on what originally inspired the track,

"We had this babysitter called Siv who looked after our kids for quite some while, but she passed away two years ago. She had an old zither she played in the church, and when she passed she left it to us. This is the first song we wrote on that zither - that’s why it’s called ‘Siv (You & I).’ It’s a hymn for her."


And in knowing that, the music video for "Siv (You and I)" feels all the more poignantly bittersweet. The entirety of the video is an intimate snapshot of Emil and Caroline's lives through home recordings and disposable cameras. It's a wholeheartedly candid take on a music video in that it at times feels like it could be a snapshot into anyone's life, even our own. Perhaps the most touching moment of the video for "Siv (You and I)" is found in its very first and final frames, consisting of a single still image of Viv. In regards to the making of the video, Emil and Caroline were kind enough to share a few words with us,

"This video is pieces from our scrapbook of life. Videotapes from early years and 12 disposable cameras of our last summer. Every story has a beginning. This is ours!"

In the end, the video for "Siv (You and I)" rings out as a celebration of life - all of life, the heartache and bliss that make up every moment. And this moment belongs to Emil, Caroline, Viv, and our readers who we are honored to share the music video of "Siv (You and I)" with below.