PREMIERE: Watch the Making Of LA Troubadour Dylan Dunlap's “Microphones & Lights”


Meet Dylan Dunlap, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who began as a troubadour on the streets of LA. NBC's The Voice scouted him through his lively and engaging street performances and even The Huffington Post caught wind of his distinct voice from the seat of a local Starbucks. Dylan's latest single, "Microphones & Lights," released in Jan 2018 and today he delivers the "The Making Of" video with Ones To Watch exclusively.

"Microphones & Lights" is an emotional track that places a strong focus on Dylan's full and soulful voice. With subtle guitar riffs and choir-like harmonies, it's a track that certainly draws you into feeling something. For Dylan, the track was written to showcase his own struggles with writer's block and even mental illness. Of the track he says,

“For this, it’s the fact that I sometimes just don’t know what I’m doing. I have struggled, I have felt broken down, and I’m not afraid to sing about it. We are all human.”

The making of "Microphones & Lights" - the video - is personal and homey. It's a time-capsule - a true home video to be watched again and again. The video reflects the creation of "Microphones & Lights" through friendship and simple, everyday life. Dylan wanted to showcase the raw beauty in creating independent music, of which he says:

“Transparency is everything to me. As much as I dream about having beautiful big-budget music videos someday, part of me absolutely loves showing my fans what this career is actually like as an indie artist, and what the recording process is like as well. My band and I spent a couple days in November doing some finishing touches before handing the song off to our mixing engineer, Kyle. As you’ll be able to see in the bottom lefthand corner, this video is in complete chronological order from the beginning to end and nothing was edited around to make the recording experience look different. This simply represents the people that we are and how much fun I had finishing 'Microphones & Lights' with my best friends.”

Check out the creation of Dylan Dunlap's "Microphones & Lights" below and see him live when he performs at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on March 15. Find your tickets here.