PREMIERE: Zāna Is Captivating & Angelic in the Video for “Wish He’d Stayed”


Born and raised in Oakland, California, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Zāna decided to take her talents to the big apple where she now resides and performs. In between those two stops, the rising talent earned her BA in Professional Music from none other than the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, which explains her versatility as an artist. Zāna's soft and beautifully soothing voice has caught the ears of Grammy Award-winning producers, such as Tim Mitchell and George Noriega who she collaborated with before launching her own solo career as a pop artist.

 Zāna's relaxing voice and the mesmerizing instrumentation on display in her new single "Wish He'd Stayed" will momentarily distract you from its underlying theme of lost love. Don't let the slow guitar intro fool you, this song will take you on what feels like a tropical journey, all while Zāna's longing vocals hint at a deeper meaning. This rare talent is able to make even the most heart-wrenching of topics feel uplifting through her ethereal and angelic vocal stylings.


"'Wish He’d Stayed' is one of my favorite songs that I have written so far. It was also the song that I most disliked when I first wrote it and it almost didn’t make it onto my EP. We recorded it last minute with the leftover time we had in the studio because the badass engineer I work with, Al Hemberger, said 'Why not? We’ve got the time and space for it.' It ended up being the smoothest take we had done in the studio that day. I won’t give the background story on the song just yet. I’d like my listeners to decide for themselves, but I’m so hyped to finally share this song and, soon enough, the rest of my EP with all of you!“

"Wish He'd Stayed" is just a small glimpse of what Zāna is capable of as an artist, so make sure to keep an eye out for her debut EP that is currently in the works.

Till then, enjoy the video for "Wish He'd Stayed" below: