Q&A: Australian Pop Sensation Ivy Adara Talks Inspiration Behind Debut EP, ‘Intraduction’


Ivy Adara is a voice for young women, and a stunning one at that. Her infectious pop sound has already seen a flurry of recognition from the industry, with features from Apple Music's Best of the Week and New Music Friday playlists in six different countries. The pixie-like artist has written for the likes of Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld and Bebe Rexha, but proves that she has plenty to say herself with her debut EP, Intraduction. Touching on insecurity, self-worth and coming of age, Ivy Adara is a role model for young people that we can proudly stand behind.

We sat down with the Australian songstress to talk Intraduction, connecting to young women and singing into brooms.

OTW: What did music mean to you growing up? Was it always the plan for you to be an artist?

Adara: Music was my best friend and I always knew that no matter where I went in life, music was going to be a part of it. When my mum would give me a list of chores to do, I was the kind of kid who would somehow find a way to turn it into a stage production. Brooms make great microphones if you're ever wondering, vacuums are okay, but brooms…

OTW: Your music strikes a chord with young women. Why do you think that is?

Adara: All the music I release is music that is super personal and stories that are real. I think, being a young woman myself, means that it connects with other young women well because we all have similar stories! So unique, but we all go through the same emotions! It's personal to me, but it's our story.


OTW: What has been the most meaningful response since the release of your EP?

Adara: I've had so many people express to me how much they resonate with "Lies" which is so meaningful because I think "Lies" carries the heaviest message of the EP. Knowing that people out there are connecting with it is crazy to me and makes me want to cry. Like everyday.

OTW: Which song from the EP is your favorite to listen to, and which is your favorite to perform?

Adara: "Lies" would be my favorite to listen to and "Callgirl" would be my favorite to perform.

OTW: Where do you find inspiration when songwriting?

Adara: MY LIFE! I could write a song about anything and everything but usually the songs that end up being my favorites are the ones that come from my personal experiences.

OTW: How do you think you’ve already evolved as an artist from when you started to now?

Adara: I've always wanted to do this. I've always had this dream. I can't explain where it comes from or how it started, but since the beginning of the journey I've been able to really figure out why this is the right path, which has made it easy for me to make decisions about who I am as an artist.

OTW: If you had to describe your sound in one word, what would it be?

Adara: Free.


OTW: What has been your favorite performance moment so far?

Adara: Probably singing in my shower to "Despacito?" I haven't performed many places yet so I'll keep you posted on this one.

OTW: What is your dream venue?

Adara: ANZ Stadium back home in Sydney Australia! It holds a mere 83,000 people.

OTW: If you could give young female artists one piece of advice, what would it be?

Adara: Just. Be. You.

OTW: If you could play a show with one current artist, who would it be?

Adara: Oh my gosh so hard… Kendrick Lamar.. Eminem.. or Lana Del Rey. They're all lyrical geniuses who I really look up to.

OTW: Who are your Ones to Watch?

Adara: I don't think you could call her a baby artist but bülow is my absolute favorite right now. I also really love acoustic artist, JT Roach.