Q&A: BROODS Gets Ready For Their Next Musical Chapter & a Tour with Taylor Swift


Photo: Kelia Anne

Electric doesn't even begin to cover the energy BROODS delivered to a fan-filled Roxy Theatre. On Sept. 26, the brother-sister duo returned to the stage for a killer show before heading out to support Taylor Swift in Australia and BROODS' hometown country of New Zealand. 

They used the night to test out new material that resulted in nothing less than love and support from the audience. Get ready for new sounds and stories as BROODS focuses on music that is truly reflective of themselves. Ones To Watch caught up with Caleb and Georgia to talk about the show and their hopes for the upcoming record, which is expected early 2019 via Neon Gold/Atlantic Records.

OTW: Where do you both draw inspiration from?

Caleb: I'd say it's each other. Almost every time it's each other.

Georgia: Yeah, especially this album. I think we were lucky enough to write in some pretty inspiring places on this album. For instances, we did a writing camp in Nicaragua and that was pretty inspiring.

Caleb: Then we wrote in Sweden in the snow and stuff like that and it changed the environment a lot more this time.

Georgia: I think that's why there are a lot of different vibes on the album because we were in different environments and different situations.

Caleb: You can almost, almost pick up which songs were written where and different spots even just depending on the weather.

Georgia: It was awesome. I personally find traveling really inspiring. Just experiencing different cultures makes you see things from a different perspective and broadens it, overall.

Caleb: It also takes away your day-to-day worries and anxieties because you're not in the place where you live so you naturally have your guard down and you don't have to worry about anything mundane. You get to be the most exciting version of yourself when you're away from home. 

OTW: What has your musical journey been like so far? What influences will you be drawing upon for this next record?

Caleb: This might be even more what we expected compared to the other albums. Compared to when we were in high school, this record is closer to what we would've written back then.

Georgia: We definitely draw upon a lot of influences from when we were kids and when we were in high school. And even when we were young kids, just listening to whatever our parents put on. I think the whole connection to those nostalgic bands are really important as a young adult to keep you remembering that life is awesome. 

Caleb: Because it gets so hard!

Georgia: It gets so hard! I think that was a huge part of the influences in this next record. Theres so much sonic nostalgia.

OTW: Once you finish up the last bit of shows in the States, you're off to Australia and New Zealand with Taylor Swift. Are you excited? 

Georgia: It's a very, very even combo of excitement and fear because this is a stadium tour.

Caleb: And Taylor's fans. 

Georgia: Yes! The first moment we posted about it, all of these Taylor Swift fan club groups posted hundreds of comments saying: "Welcome to the Taylor Swift tour! We can wait to see you and to have you. We're so glad you're a part of it." Some were even saying like, "I haven't listened to your music yet, but I can't wait!" Taylor Swift's fans are amazing. It'll be cool, too, because it's Australia and New Zealand and that's our home.

Caleb: Our music is most at home and supported there.

Georgia: Especially live. We've played some fun shows in Australia; Australians really know how to party! Plus, it's crazy because we've seen shows at the stadium we'll be performing at in Auckland, New Zealand and it's going to be surreal to be on that stage. 

OTW: What do you hope fans take away from these live performances?

Caleb: I hope they feel the new energy that's in the new music and feel how excited we are about playing it because we haven't had new music for a long time.

Georgia: It's going to be so fun. Even just rehearsing the new songs is so exciting. Playing them to our fans will just make it all seem real. It never quite feels real until you play it live. I hope people feel how much fun we had making this record and how much of ourselves we've put into it.

OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?

Caleb: I listen to a lot of music by this band called Jadu Heart and this young girl named Diana Gordon.

Georgia: Mine are Amber Mark and Knox Fortune.

OTW: Is there anything else you want your fans to know about the record?

Caleb. Just trust us. Just come on board.

Georgia: To the people who have come onboard with "Peach" so far along with the crazy video, we thank you for this support and thanks for being open. We know our fans and we know that they will connect with us on this next record because it does have everything we always give.

Caleb: It has all the ingredients, it just sounds a bit different. 

Georgia: Theme-wise, it keeps the songs about being sad and figuring out how to be less sad. It is still very emotional like we've always been, it just has a bit more of a twist.

Caleb: It's not so much about love anymore. It's about more internalizations about yourself.