Q&A: Catch Up with Touring Masters PVRIS Before They Hit The Road Again


Rising rock band PVRIS is about to go on tour in February - although "about to go" could be seen as somewhat misleading, as they just concluded their last tour in December. The band has been on the road and across the globe for the better part of 2017, and now look to continue that streak with 30 concert dates already lined up for 2018. Their official tour kicks off in Atlanta on February 15 and ends in San Antonio on March 15, although they'll be hitting Coachella and several other festivals soon after.

The group's last album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need is Hell was released in August 2017, and saw the quality of PVRIS' music take a significant step forward. The large, enveloping soundscape hints of an album that was constructed with the concert venue in mind, envisioning songs like "Anyone Else" filling the air with swirling guitars and distorted instrumentation.

"What's Wrong" originally premiered as a single in June 2017, and it became one of the standout songs on All We Know of Heaven, All We Need is Hell thanks to its intricate production. "No I never sold my soul," repeats Lynn Gunn on the bridge, as the angry percussion builds the moment behind her. The energy then dips down as the song progresses into "Walk Alone," as Gunn emotionally sings about a relationship on it's dying embers.

Throughout the album, Gunn's vocals and PVRIS' production are simply a match made in heaven. Often, she chooses to scream the high notes rather than sing them, taking the howling guitars to another level and drawing the listener into the music. On the intro song, "Heaven," that combination is on full display, as her wailing chorus "you took my heaven away" blends with the music itself to create a single, yet layered burst of energy.

We had the opportunity to ask the band a few questions before they take their music around the world once again. Check out what PVRIS had to say about their approach toward each concert, as well as what they learned from their 2016 tour with Fall Out Boy and more. Pick up your tickets to see them live here.

OTW: You guys were on tour almost all of 2017, and now you're gearing up for yet another road trip - how do you find the energy to keep going?

PVRIS: I feel like we never lose that energy to keep going. This is what we truly love to do, and we have had a few months off to relax, but I know we are fully charged to get back out on the road and play some shows.

OTW: What's your favorite type of venue to play, and how does the show change (if at all) depending on the space you're playing?

PVRIS: Smaller venues are always fun to play because the show tends to be more intimate which is great for the crowd and the artist. It really sets a vibe and the energy is like no other when we play shows like that.   

OTW: You initially toured with Fall Out Boy back in 2016 - does any of the experience on tour with them come into play on your own headlining tours?

PVRIS: I feel like we took a lot away from that tour, and one major thing was just remaining humble and being kind. We already treat everyone on our tours with the utmost respect, but it’s always nice touring with a band like Fall Out Boy who have remained true to who they are and have had such great success over the years because of how they treat their crew, fans and bands that they tour with.

OTW: What's your recording process when you're on-the-go so often? How much (if any) of All We Know of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell was created on the road?

PVRIS: I feel like a lot of the record was created on the road, Lynn is a non-stop writing machine so she’d be demoing out things constantly while we were on tour.

OTW: What's the first thing you do when you have a break from touring?  

PVRIS: Go home and decompress for a day, then the next day I am ready to hit the road again haha. I find it strange to stay in one place for more than a few days because we tour so much and my body and mind have become accustomed to touring. So when I’m home it’s a weird feeling haha.

OTW: Outside of the shows themselves, what do you like to do in each city on tour? 

PVRIS: I love to just explore the city and learn it’s history and take photos! Sightseeing is one big thing we added to our list on our last tour, we’d spend at least 2-3 hours a day exploring cities!  

OTW: What's your main goal when you're going on stage every night?

PVRIS: We want the crowd to have fun and enjoy every song that we play. We love adding in different bits to our live set. It’s always nice adding in subtle parts or extending parts that are different from the actual recording. I feel like that’s what makes a live show.

OTW: When a show isn't going the way you hoped or anticipated, what are some of the things you try and do to turn it around and get the audience back into the performance?

PVRIS: Being interactive with the crowd is one of the most important things. Have to make sure they are having fun!  

OTW: Any pre-show rituals?

PVRIS: We usually huddle up and put our hands together and we count to 3 and say something ridiculous.

OTW: Who are some of your Ones to Watch artists?

PVRIS: I have two bands right now that i’ve been jamming; Slenderbodies and Vacation Manor.