Q&A: Chord Overstreet Talks New Project and Evolution As an Artist

After propelling into the spotlight courtesy of involvement in hit TV series Glee, Chord Overstreet chose to follow his love for music. Born in a musical family, his dad being the famous country singer and songwriter Paul Overstreet, the Nashville born-and-raised artist impacts a time-honored narrative sensibility on his 2018 debut as OVERSTREET. He unveiled the solo hit “Hold On” last year, which racked up nearly 40 million Spotify streams in under six months.

Ones To Watch chatted with Chord Overstreet about his new musical endeavor and direction, as he is set to have big projects in the next couple of months.

OTW: Those past few years you unveiled a couple of acoustic tracks, and now it feels like you rebranded yourself with your new songs “Carried Away” and “Wasted Time.” Why did you choose to now have a full band with you?

Chord Overstreet: I loved to play acoustic but I knew I wanted more at some point. I wanted to play more shows, in bigger venues and being able to show more of me as an artist. I knew that I couldn’t achieve all of this by being an acoustic artist because I really want to offer the best shows possible to my fans with a real experience and entertain them. That’s why I thought that we needed a change.

OTW: “Wasted Time” is more uptempo than any other song you have so far. Can you tell us the story behind it?

Chord Overstreet: The fact that “Wasted Time” is more uptempo comes from me playing live. I wanted to create something that you could move to. I went on this trip with my friends, we didn’t have any plans, we were just being silly and enjoying ourselves for a while. This trip kind of inspired “Wasted Time.”

OTW: Do you feel like your songwriting evolved when you compare your old songs like “Hold On” to the new material you have now?

Chord Overstreet: Definitely. My dad is a country singer-songwriter, and he has the best country songs of all time in my opinion (laughs). I get inspired by him and the rest of my family and also by my experiences and what I’ve been through. I had the chance to experience new things over the last couple of months and those experiences helped me to write the new stuff that can hear now.

OTW: With all this new material and music direction you are currently taking, what do you think is the best way to describe your sound?

Chord Overstreet: Good question. I’d say that it’s the type of music that you want to listen to with your windows down and just enjoying the vibe and having a good time.

OTW: Are you planning on releasing a full album?

Chord Overstreet: Yes. The album is almost finished but we are going to put out an EP first in the near future. I want to release one song at a time and play shows at the same time.

OTW: Speaking of shows, are you going back on tour anytime soon?

Chord Overstreet: Yes, for sure. We are currently setting up some dates with one in Los Angeles very soon. I am very excited to go back on stage and play the new songs for the fans. I am planning on touring as much as possible.

OTW: Who are some of your Ones To Watch artists?

Chord Overstreet: Hum, I don’t know. If I have to give a new artist that I like, I’d say Khalid. I think he’s amazing! I really love his music.