Q&A: Full Crate x Mar Celebrate Women of All Shades With New EP

While the objectification of women in music has been an issue in music pretty much since it started, it has been more at the forefront of pop culture than ever recently because of some insensitive comments made by a certain new leader of a certain country in North America. Thankfully, the best thing (if you put a gun to my head and made me pick one) about this new leader is that artists have felt a larger responsibility to release music that unifies people and fights back against all the isms (and oranges) of the world.

Enter Full Crate X Mar with their brand new EP titled 'A Woman.' Through their new songs and visuals, the duo seek the true meaning of ‘A Woman'. I've been following the Amsterdam natives for some time and I know they aren't new to celebrating diverse women in their cover art and videos. Full Crate (producer) X Mar (singer) have made some really good music together that spans the spectrum of house to bedroom R&B. I talked to the guys about their origins, the true meaning behind the EP, why all shades of women need to be celebrated, and more. Read the full interview and stream the EP below.

Ones To Watch: How did you two originally start making music together?

Full Crate: We used to go to high school together and we shared the same interest in music. It was special because not a lot of people around us were listening to Dilla, Tribe and D'Angelo at the time.  

Why did you guys think you work so well together?

Full Crate: Apart from growing up together and listening to lots of music together, we both do have different musical tastes and share different backgrounds.

But when we create, our worlds come together and that allows us to discover a new musical place.  

Amsterdam seems like an eclectic place. What kind of music were you both exposed to as growing up?

Full Crate: Anything from Stevie, Janis Joplin, Tribe, Dilla & MJ. I also grew up listening to a lot of Dancehall & R&B and playing it in clubs.

Mar:  Back home I used to hear lots of Jimi Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young,  Erykah Badu, Nirvana, Miles Davis, and D'angelo. I listened to a lot of different genres.

Why did you guys decide to name your project  'A Woman’?

Full Crate: Because women seem to be our muses in our work. We really felt this record should be dedicated to women.

You guys use women of all colors on your artwork. Why do you feel like its really important to do that?

Both: We believe it is important to show women of all skin tones because not all skin tones are equally represented in mainstream media.

In many parts of the world, light skin color is seen as the beauty standard and as a positive feature to have.

We think darker skin tones are equally as beautiful.

Can we ever expect a full length project from you two?

Both: yes!

What are you both up to for the rest of the year?

Both: Finishing more music, together and individually. Traveling the world and creating visuals.

Who are some new artists you guys are watching right now?

Both: Childish Gambino, inc., H.E.R and lots more.

Stream the "A Woman" EP below.