Q&A: Hi, Meet Poppy! A Pop Star Crafted By & For The Digital Age


To say that some modern pop stars are meticulously crafted, carefully presented products would by no means be a shocking claim. However, Poppy begs the question, is a pop star that perfectly encapsulates everything the digital age cherishes and derides, any more or less authentic than the pop stars currently topping the charts? The oddest thing about Poppy may not be her perplexing series of YouTube videos or the perfectly presented structure of her responses to questions, but that despite all this, Poppy somehow manages to be one of the most refreshing voices in the world of pop. 

Poppy is the embodiment of the modern age, presented in a bubblegum, Harajuku inspired aesthetic. YouTube personality, fashion icon, and now a budding pop star, Poppy is rapidly taking over all realms of popular entertainment. For those unfamiliar with Poppy's work, Poppy's sudden and explosive transformation to cult-like status icon came as a result of a series of strange Youtube videos where Poppy, well, introduced herself for ten minutes straight and interviewed a plant on existential issues. And while all of this may seem inexplicable and nothing short of art-house experimentation, the enthusiasm and fervor surrounding Poppy makes perfect sense.


Poppy, while possibly serving as an active critique on this generation's obsession with manufactured celebrities and digital technology, still manages to deliver some of the best chart-worthy pop in her debut album Poppy.Computer. Poppy.Computer is brimming with infectious earworms infused with radiating electronic production that showcase Poppy's talent for crafting genuine, exemplary works of pop, and that's only from taking a surface-level glance. Hidden behind Popppy.Computer's stunning bouts of pop production is well-crafted, intelligent songwriting that exemplifies Poppy as an outsider voice in modern pop actively parodying the very thing she excels in. So, we spoke with the bubbly pop star, Youtube sensation that is Poppy to try and delve into the mind of one of the internet's most interesting voices. 

OTW: Hello Poppy. 

Poppy: Hi, I’m Poppy!

OTW: Who is Poppy?

Poppy: Sometimes I like to Google myself. Can you spell it with me? P-O-P-P-Y (it spells Poppy). You can search by “image” on Google. I have a YouTube channel.

OTW: When did Poppy first start making music?

Poppy: 1940.

OTW: How did Poppy first become acquainted with and begin working with Titanic Sinclair?

Poppy: I met Titanic Sinclair in Los Angeles, where all of your dreams come true. We had the same dream and that dream has come true.

OTW: A lot of Poppy's aesthetic surrounds and takes inspiration from lolita and j-pop styles. What is it about this particular type of style that Poppy is so drawn to?

Poppy: I like things that are clean. I like things that are perfect. I like when the carpet is clean.  I like symmetry. I like when things are black and I like when things are white.

OTW: Poppy is also the face of the first Hello Sanrio collection. Does Poppy have a favorite Sanrio character? Ours would have to Gudetama.

Poppy: My favorite Sanrio character is currently Badtz-Maru.  I love Sanrio so much that it is hard to select only one character, but today Badtz-Maru is my favorite.

OTW: What songs from Poppy.Computer are you most excited for fans to dance to? We love "Moshi Moshi."

Poppy: I love “Moshi Moshi” as well!  My music video for “Moshi Moshi” is about to come out.  When we answer the phone, we say “hello” but in Japan they say “Moshi Moshi” and I like the way that sounds.

OTW: What can fans expect from the Poppy.Computer tour?

Poppy: It is the year 2017 and nothing can be expected. I hope people coming to my tour will expect the unexpected.

OTW: How has Poppy's recent fame affected Poppy's and Charlotte's relationship? Is Charlotte joining Poppy on tour?

Poppy: Charlotte will be on tour with me but only because of contractual obligations that were made before she decided to keep copying me.

OTW: Poppy is taking over Youtube, music, and kawaii fashion. What will Poppy take over next?

Poppy: I plan on taking over this interview next.

OTW: What's the most magical thing about the internet?

Poppy: The most magical thing about the Internet is that this interview will be available after we are dead.

OTW: What did Poppy do before the internet and what does Poppy do when Poppy is not on the internet?

Poppy: The Internet is the only thing that matters anymore.

OTW: What is it about Youtube that Poppy loves so much?

Poppy: I like the way it sounds out of my mouth when I say “YouTube.com.”  It feels satisfying.

OTW: Poppy, what are some things we should watch out for? 

Poppy: Don’t watch for anything. Expectation leads to disappointment. Live in the moment and try your best to realize that the universe is infinite and everyone has their own interpretation of what “God” is. Listen to the breeze that flows past your ears. Appreciate every drop of rain that falls in front of you. None of this is permanent and we are sacks of skin, meat, and bones that have somehow figured out consciousness. We will never know exactly when we will die and I think that is beautiful. Inevitability motivates me and I’m happy to have this opportunity to voice my opinion. Selena Gomez is very famous. Taylor Swift is very famous. Post Malone is very famous. One day me, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Post Malone will all be dead at the same time.