Q&A: Hot Flash Heat Wave Talk ‘Soaked’ Album, Touring, & Unbearably Hot Summers


San Francisco-based indie rock band Hot Flash Heat Wave are heating up on the indie music scene. Composed of Adam Abildgaard, Ted Davis, Nathaniel Blüm, and Nick Duffy, the band first came into the spotlight in 2015 with the release of their album Neapolitan. Filled with sweet guitar melodies and teenage themes, the album gained a vast amount of attention, with their most popular song "Gutter Girl" achieving over 500,000 streams on Spotify. In response to the attention from their first album, the band released their second album Soaked on June 2, 2017. 

If you are a fan of The Walters, Inner Wave, or Summer Salt, you are bound to like Hot Flash Heat Wave. We caught up with Nathan Blüm of the band to discuss their new album, touring, and so much more. 

OTW: How did you guys get started?

Nathan: We started as a fun f*** around project with guitar and a toy keyboard that only played two notes at a time. It was a pretty different sound at that time.

OTW: Where did your name come from?

Nathan: In our hometown, summers were unbearably hot. The name was our attempt to encapsulate this feeling in a series of words.

OTW: How is the music scene in San Francisco? Has it had a big part in influencing your music?

Nathan: San Francisco as a city has had a major influence on our music. The natural beauty and the blend between urban and natural environments is inspiring. The music scene is relatively small here, but we have met a lot of cool people doing rare things in the art scene.

OTW: Typically what is your writing process like?

Nathan: One of our members typically starts writing the song and then we come together as a band and add our separate opinions/polish off the details.

OTW: Your recent album Soaked was just released last week. Do you guys have any favorite songs off of it?

Nathan: The intro is our favorite song. The rest of the album is pretty chill.

OTW: You guys recently wrapped up a US tour. Do you have any favorite/ least favorite things about touring?

Nathan: My favorite part of touring is meeting new people in different cities and seeing strange facets of culture. Least favorite part is getting sick on tour; it's hard to get better when you don’t have access to a good diet/nice places to sleep.

OTW: What has been the most memorable show you guys have played?

Nathan: Our last show at the Rickshaw Stop with No Vacation was awesome. It was sold out and a ton of people came on stage to dance/sing a lot to our songs.

OTW: If you guys could collaborate with one artist/band, who would you pick?

Nathan: Toro y Moi, he is a huge influence for me, and I find his attention to detail pretty mind blowing.

OTW: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Another album already in the works?

Nathan: We have another album written, so hoping to record whenever we get the means to do so. No real plans other than that.

OTW: Who are your top 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list?

Nathan: Field Medic, No Vacation, and Bobey.