Q&A: Just Chase’s Brand of R&B Is Ready For The Spotlight


Just Chase has drive. Inspired by growing up watching his father and uncles, who are all singers and/or musicians, the Nova Scotia native knew he wanted to be a singer at the age of 5. Combining contemporary jargon and production with 90s R&B sensibilities is a task that Just Chase is up to. We caught up with him on a recent trip to Los Angeles to discuss his Killing Roses project, recent collaborators, takeaways from his musical journey, and what's next for him in 2018. See below for the full interview.

Ones To Watch: What's the concept behind the Killing Roses project?

Just Chase: The rose represents relationships. It's a beautiful thing but not always with all the ups and downs. It has thorns.

What's your approach to song writing?

I mostly pull from like life experiences. My music is exactly what I'm living so I just put it on a record.

What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to?

I'm an R&B guy so I grew up listening to K-Ci & JoJo, Tyrese, Tank, Sisqo, and all those guys.

When did you know you wanted to take music seriously?

To be honest with you, it was at the age of 5. I grew up in a musical family. My dad and his five brothers are all singers and play musical instruments. I grew up watching them every day. I knew I could sing so I kept at it. I was always watching Michael Jackson videos and watching my dad. I had the drive from a young age.

How do you differentiate yourself as an R&B artist?

I try to incorporate an old school sound with a new school flow.

What does success look like to you?

When I'm sitting at the Grammy's in the front row and I get a Grammy in my hand. I wan plaques on walls for going platinum.

In your musical journey so far, what are some of the biggest lessons you've learned?

I 've learned to be really patient with myself not only as an artist but also as a person. I've been focused on becoming more of my authentic self. I believe that once I can become more of that person, I'll be able to do anything.

What do you have planned for 2018?

We have a lot planned. My EP is coming so I'm excited about that. We'll also be dropping the "Ungrateful" video really soon.

How do you deal with criticism as an aspiring artist?

I take that shit like a man. I've dealt with that my whole life.

Do you read YouTube comments?

I read a couple of them but I mostly just laugh at that shit. That stuff doesn't bug me at all. IT makes me go even harder if anything.

Who have you been working with?

Hahaha. I've been working with some amazing producers man. Wondagurl, Supah Mario, OG Parker, Aaron Reid. I'm in the studio with G. Ry from time to time and I've also been rocking with Bizness Boi.

Stay tuned for more from Just Chase this year.