Q&A: Logan Henderson Talks New Musical Direction, Debut Solo Project, & Evolution as an Artist

After propelling into the spotlight courtesy of involvement in hit TV series/pop project Big Time Rush, Logan Henderson is ready to go solo. The 27-year old artist is back with an eclectic debut record named Echoes Of Departure And The Endless Street Of Dreams Pt.1, where he reflects on past experiences and life lessons that he’s learned so far. This first project depicts Logan’s ability to switch from genre to genre while producing a consistent and well-rounded record.

We chatted with a down to earth Logan Henderson shortly before the record release, and he gave us an overview of his new creative direction as he embarks on his very first project post Big Time Rush. Read more below and don’t forget to pick up your tickets to one of Logan’s shows this spring here


OTW: You took a break from music for a couple of years before coming back with new material. Did this break help you to shape your new sound and find your own lane after Big Time Rush?

Logan Henderson: Absolutely. It took me a while just to recover from the madness, in a good way, that was the last project. I definitely needed some time for myself, some time to focus on my growth as a person and get back to my musical roots and really find out the kind of music I really wanted to make and what stories were important to me.

OTW: You were in the studio by yourself for the first time to create your solo project – were you nervous or excited to have entire freedom on your music, something you couldn’t have with Big Time Rush?

Logan Henderson: I was really excited. This is the part that I really liked and was really hoping for. I needed to find that freedom somehow.  I had a lot of great mentors and great friends who helped me with this record. It’s definitely a collaborative project as well but for the most part it was about finding myself musically. I think you sometimes experience nervousness in studios. It’s just about the content and as far as the musical landscape goes, how certain songs are very different and each one has its own individual story. Whenever I do have some types of nervousness I think that’s also when I know that I am writing my best music. It’s not really scaring me, it’s gonna be exciting for the listener and for me. I listen to a lot of things and what I wanna do with my music is not have a certain music genre and just let the music take its own shape.

OTW: Your first solo project is called Echoes Of Departure And The Endless Street Of Dreams Pt.1 – why did you choose this name?

Logan Henderson: A lot of the stories came to me in dreams. I wasn’t able to get over certain things so it is a departure for me from the type of lifestyle and the type of relationships I was in. It’s also a way for me to have closure on a lot of the stuff I am writing about – the relationships and the different things I was going through, because it was something that kept coming back and haunting me. You know, it’s a departure for me as an artist as well. The title is me finding that closure and make peace with a lot of subjects.

OTW: We can assume that there’s going to be another part of the project. Can you explain this choice of releasing it into different parts instead of just one body of work?

Logan Henderson: Absolutely. The part 1 is an opening for other parts in the future. I wanted to do it this way because a lot of the content is basically talking about the same subject but from different points of view, and I think in order to separate but also have something coming as a whole, I needed to give people that part 1 and then have the part 2 and show them the stories from another point of view but again, part of the same body of work. That’s the way I chose my project to be released, in order to give every song its own space and its own story and special time.

OTW: This first record shows another side of you as an artist and contains more dark pop songs blended with an electro/R&B kind of vibe. What were the inspirations and the influences behind this sound that you now have?

Logan Henderson: It’s very eclectic because my ears are very eclectic. I think my musical roots are all over the place so I didn’t want to shy away from thinking anything had to be in a certain genre because I just don’t understand the point. As human beings we have so many different faces we wear all the time, we are such complex creatures and so I was messing around with a couple of characters, and between the time of making the record I wanted to show those characters and I think it added kind of an interesting storyline. I listen to everything, I love people who challenge themselves like Radiohead or Schoolboy Q that I really like. I feel like he really explores the shape of the studio and what he is capable of doing.

OTW: You’ve done incredible things with Big Time Rush – what is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from those years with the band?

Logan Henderson: I think the most valuable lesson is to listen to yourself, trust your instincts. Your vision is only as big as you allow it to be so dream, have great focus and it can be as big as you want it to be.

OTW: You’re going on tour soon. How do you feel about it and what can we expect from it?

Logan Henderson: Hell yes. I am excited. It’s been a long time. I played a show with my friend MAX, that was a lot of fun so it’s kind of an introduction phase right now and later on we will have more shows and of course people will know the record so it’s gonna get more about me and about the project. I just know from rehearsals that it’s gonna be some high energy shows. It’s kind of a rollercoaster of emotions put into one show; it’s a lot of fun.

OTW: Who are some of your Ones To Watch artists?

Logan Henderson: I love Jessie Reyez, she is an amazing artist. There are a lot of female artists at the moment who are just more than singers – they are a force so I like people like that.