Q&A: lovelytheband Says It’s Okay to be “broken” as Their “lovelies” Fanbase Grows


Lovelytheband released their debut EP, everything i could never say…, in Sept. 2017, and they haven't looked back since. Their song, "broken," blew up instantly and is currently at over seven million streams on Spotify, not to mention plastered across blogs, playlists, and radio stations. You've probably heard "broken," even if you think you haven't. 

Made up of lead singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price, lovelytheband has an infectious indie pop sound with a thematic focus on loneliness and the struggles of relationships. They offer their listeners support by being candid about the fact that life can be hard, and that we aren't alone in feeling beaten down by our own minds.

I walked into the Troubadour in West Hollywood around 6pm to sit down with the band and wandered around until I spied the grinning face of Mitchy Collins, who motioned me upstairs to meet Jordan and Sam. The Troubadour's greenroom is lofted to overlook the stage, where drums and guitars were being soundchecked. Through the blaring noise of the instruments below us, the three bandmates were all smile - bubbling over with pre-show adrenaline and scrambling around to find their clothes for the night. 

The show that followed leads me to believe that lovelytheband will, in fact, be touring quite a bit in the upcoming year. A low bass rumble met with excited chatter from all sides signaled the start of their set, and the trio walked out to a sea of screaming fans. From there, it was a beautiful mess of guitar power chords, hair flying every which way, laughter, and a few grateful tears from Mitchy as he declared, "This is one of the best nights of my life." The three played their breakout hit, "broken," as well as other songs from their everything i could never say… EP, plus a groovy new song called, "Alone Time." They also sprinkled in a cover or two throughout the set, my favorite of which was "Pony" by Ginuwine. If you don't appreciate a good cover of that song, you're lying to yourself. 

However, the most memorable part of the night was watching lovelytheband's fans sing along to the their favorite songs–palms to the sky, eyes squeezed shut, belting out every word with the conviction that only a true "lovely" can. I left the Troubadour with a smile on my face for lovelytheband. Big things are happening, and they clearly deserve it.


Photo Credit: Cory Ingram

OTW: Ok, so first question. The signature red lips–where do those come from?

Mitchy: I thought it went hand in hand with "lovely" ya know? It's a bit of a feminine name, and everybody loves kisses so we just thought it would be a fitting for the total concept of what lovely is. We blow a lot of kisses at the show as well so.

OTW: Going off of that, lovelytheband calls your fans "lovelies," similar to how Justin Bieber has "Beliebers" and Chris Pine has "Pine Nuts." You all seem to have an extremely loyal fan base, do you see a lot of the same faces at your shows?

Jordan: Definitely the LA shows. It's pretty crazy and exciting that they wanna come back.

Mitchy: For this show there's a couple fans that drove from up north just to come see us, and they were some of the first ones lined up.

OTW: There were already girls lined up outside the theater waiting to come in when I walked in.

Jordan: Oh really? They're all for Sam.

OTW: What's one experience you've had with a fan that has surprised or touched you?

Mitchy: In Portland, we had a girl named Jake who painted us these paintings and made us Christmas gifts and "broken" necklaces with her friends. It was very unexpected and very awesome. In general, seeing kids after our shows in tears makes me emotional, because getting lyrics out of myself and knowing it's reaching other people is always a crazy thing to me. I'm pretty open about the fragility that is my brain and the things I deal with like depression and anxiety and everyday hardships. For our message to reach our audience and touch them is important.

OTW: I was noticing you guys have some fans who've done cover videos of your songs and posted them to YouTube, have you watched any of those?

Mitchy: Yeah we were actually in the studio the other day, and we took 45 minutes to an hour and just scoured the web for them. We love covering our favorite songs, so it's cool to see someone do that for your own music.

OTW: How did you three meet?

Jordan: Uh…Tinder? Yeah Tinder BFF. (Laughs) No, I mean I met Mitch through a couple mutual friends

Mitch: A couple Mitchual friends?

OTW: Oof.

Sam: That one was rough sorry.

Jordan: And then Mitch slid into Sam's DMs on instagram and now we are here!

OTW: You guys are loud and proud about being LA based, so what are some places around the city you like to hang out or get food?

Mitchy: I played Jordan some of the songs for the first time in the beautiful little backroom of the Nickelson Room. We also love Public at the Roosevelt, and Barney's Beanery has the best wings in LA.

OTW: Are you getting paid to say this?

Mitchy: (laughs) No! We're big wing fans though, so if you know anyone who gives wing sponsorships let us know.

OTW: Do you remember the first time you heard "broken" on the radio? Where were you and what did that feel like?

Mitchy: The first time I heard it in the car unexpectedly was actually about a week ago when we were in New York for the Grammys. We were headed up to do some promo stuff and it just came on 92.3. It's one of the radio stations I grew up on so it was pretty wild.

OTW: Did you even register that it was your song at first?

Sam: Oh yeah that opening little swell of "broken" started playing and we were just like, OK this is happening.

OTW: Mitchy you have some serious tattage. Care to share about any of your tattoos?

Mitchy: The only ones that we actually share we got after our first tour.

OTW: Oh you all actually have matching tattoos?

Yeah! We all got a tattoo that says "one" to celebrate our first tour.

OTW: That's a pretty sweet souvenir. Who are some artists, big or small, that you've been into lately?

Mitchy: Bon Iver we love forever, the new Neighborhood EP, Bazzi, Shallou, The Night Game…we like a lot of music. We listen to a lot of music. Oh! And the 1975, of course.

OTW: Couldn't agree more on those picks. What does a successful 2018 look like to you?

A whole lot of touring.

See upcoming lovelytheband tour dates here.

Photo Credit: Cory Ingram