Q&A + New Single: Swsh Is The New Artist Who Isn’t Afraid to Be Herself


Photo: Thank You

As any true artist would, Swsh seems to have no problem in expressing her individuality and courageously using her music as a platform to speak about issues she's genuinely invested in. The Los Angeles-based singer, rapper, and producer exhibits powerful vocals that flawlessly carry her unfiltered lyrics through her modern take on soul and R&B. As if she weren't cool enough, she even produces her own music.

Swsh just dropped a new single, "Flowers," that showcases her striking voice and bold personality. The song's combination of rap, singing, electronic music, and soul isn't emotional in a heavy sense, but more so in a raw, vibe-y way. "Flowers" is full of quick lyrical delivery, rich vocal runs, and a minimal but dynamic instrumentation that perfectly displays Swsh's overall lighthearted vibe. With such an eclectic persona and musical style, we had to ask Swsh some questions about her music, "Flowers," and causes that she's passionate about. 

OTW: What's the meaning behind the name?

Swsh: To be honest, I just liked the way it sounded. It wasn’t that deep. I just heard it one day and was like, "Yeah 'Swish,' that’s me!"

OTW: Can you tell us a bit about "Flowers" and the music video?

Swsh: I won’t give specifics quite yet about the music video, but I will say that everything about "Flowers" and the video is a vibe - from making the beat to when I decided I wanted to talk about pussy on it, to when we were filming the music video. It was all easy and free flowing, and I think it’ll show through the video too. It felt as if all the music and the visuals pre-existed, and we just had to then bring it to life on an MP4 file. It's definitely something to look forward to! I think people will like it.


OTW: How do the causes you’re passionate about shape your music?

Swsh: Well a lot of the causes I’m passionate about are shaped by real life experiences that would bleed into my music on their own, but being passionate about them and learning about them helped me articulate these experiences in a more communicative and relevant way for myself and the listener. Not only that, but they influence who I surround myself with, how I see the world, and where the fuck I want to put myself in that world. I don’t necessarily write about anything in terms of trying to be political or deep. I just write about how I see things.

OTW: Speaking of these causes, do you see these issues in the music industry?

Swsh: Yeah, definitely. The music industry is just a more compact reflection of our society, so there’s a lot sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and rape culture perpetuated.

OTW: Your sound is so eclectic and combines so many different elements and genres, including rap, singing, R&B, real instruments, and sampled instruments to name a few. How did you discover your unique sound?

Swsh: I've just heard things that I like and realized that I could do that too. Eventually all those things came together and made Swsh.

OTW: Even your fashion is super unique. Do you have any particular fashion inspirations?

Swsh: Not really. I kind of just wear what I want to wear! I know that sounds kind of lame and like, "duh," but I’m not really big into fashion like that. I think I’m just more so a weirdo.


Photo: Thank You

OTW: Because your vision is so personal to you, how do you find good collaborators?

Swsh: Actually, I’m a really trash collaborator for that reason. Majority of the time, I’ll be stuck on how to communicate my vision to someone, so then I find myself giving up and never responding. Actually, let me take a moment to publicly apologize to everybody that I’ve done that with in the past. Truth be told, that is the exact reason why I produce and record by myself, because it’s too stressful to try and collaborate with people while still trying to get my vision the way that I want it.

OTW: You produce, write, sing, and rap. Is there one particular area you want to expand in?

Swsh: I really want to learn more jazz chord progressions and become a jazz elitist snob. Whatever helps me find a nice girl who will lay on my grand piano and gas me up while I play!

OTW: What are your goals and plans for the near future?

Swsh: I just want to make enough money to never have to talk to anyone again to be honest [laughs].

OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch artists?

Swsh: FLEUR. She got a tape coming soon! Such a beautiful soul with a voice to match. 

TOKU. This bitch has the most rich beautiful sound. I’m lowkey jealous. Definitely take a peep at "Spirited Away" on her SoundCloud! That genuinely has been my favorite song in my likes for a minute now.

MILA MERU. A fearless queen with bars! If you’re trying hear some real shit, listen to her tape Still Flow'n.

Darren Peralta. This man on his bullshit. When I found out how old he is, I was lowkey-highkey blown away. He has an EP coming that has yours truly on it! November 1st!