Q&A: Rising Glam Rockstar Micky James Gives It to Us Straight


Glam rock 'n' roller Micky James lets loose with wild force in his debut single "Give It To Me Straight." Influenced by greats such as David Bowie and The Clash, this 70’s inspired single has all the nostalgia but with a definite modern twist. Bursting with energy and excitement, this rock anthem hits you hard with a fierce and powerful intensity. Never short of energy, this electrifying single is a sure-fire hit. I had the pleasure of interviewing Micky James, and learning a lot about his influences, as well as getting a deeper look into his writing process.


OTW: Classic rock bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Clash are big inspirations for your musical style. What first got you into '60s and '70s rock?

Micky James: I'd have to say the Beatles were my first glimpse into the '60s, as well as my first rock n roll band that I properly got into. They were such a great gateway into other bands, such as The Stones, The Kinks and eventually leading me into the '70s era or rock and roll & punk.

OTW: How has it been different working on your solo project compared to working with your previous band, and how did that band help shape you into the artist you are today? 

Micky James: I learned a lot from working in bands. From the touring side of things to the creative end, they were all amazing learning lessons. I feel all bands or artists should have to cut their teeth before landing on something special or sweet. It definitely helped shape me. Creatively, there is an obvious dynamic shift. From a writing standpoint, working with four creative individuals as opposed to one person with one vision is much different. It feels more laidback. I can really see things through, which I'm very much enjoying.


OTW: You mentioned the vision for "Give It To Me Straight" came pretty instantaneously. What does your writing process normally look like and is it usually pretty easy for you to find inspiration?

Micky James: Correct. I feel my vision for this project, in general, came very natural. Again, I think from my experience of being in bands, it helped define what Micky James is that much more. I knew exactly what I wanted this to be. I think the writing process always seems to aim at different angles. It can be from anywhere-to me bringing in a track idea with a melody or title to walking into the studio with my producers and writing from scratch, or they might have an idea they wanna see trough.

OTW: When writing "Give It To Me Straight," did you have a specific person in mind? 

Micky James: There might have been more than one person I had in mind when writing that song.

OTW: You have an amazing eye for fashion, is there a classic rock icon that most inspires your sense of style?

Micky James: There are certainly many I take influence from. Going back to your question about the '60s, I definitely draw a lot of my influence in appearance from those bands. Early Stones, Kinks, even taking influence from early Bowie. Bits and pieces from the Ziggy era. Not only do I think those bands looked the coolest but it was also the way they carried it. It stood for something. It felt larger than life. That was the real impact on me. I think most bands are missing that nowadays aren't they? The attitude, the swag, the clothes. That's rock n roll.


Photo: Cory Ingram