Q&A: Saro Equates Feeling & Sound In Debut EP, ‘In Loving Memory’


Hot off the press: Saro dropped his debut In Loving Memory EP today, and we've got all the details in the exclusive Q&A below. As you might have guessed, its eerie title foreshadows the ironic intertwinement of pop-primed notions of love with a dark, R&B sound. 

Saro gave us a taste of his EP with three singles "Two Suns," "Test," and "Looking," and the seven-track release continues down the moody, electronic R&B journey. He kicks things off with a groove-fueled backdrop on "Test," while the chorus of the techno "Flora" is reminiscent of a futuristic '80s power ballad. The EP closes with the emotional monologue in "Envy," which flows into the dreamy "Rampart." The slow burner dives deeper into Saro's R&B sound and showcases his exquisite vocal range. 

We caught up with Saro to find out what influenced In Loving Memory, and what's next for the genre-bending artist. 

OTW: When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a full-time gig?

Saro: Very recently, only in the past few years. It was something I fantasized about for a long time but never thought I was good enough. As soon as I got over the stage fright and doubt, I jumped face first into it. Even though it has been a volatile process, writing has been my source of hope and happiness these days.

OTW: Your sound is completely unique. What inspired you to work with this style of production?

Saro: I think the sound is a product of the eclectic tastes of myself and my producer, David Burris. We didn't even really know what genre of music we were making until the blogs started to label it. We usually just create based on how we're feeling that day in the studio.

OTW: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Saro: The Smiths, Enya, Michael Jackson, and Radiohead.

OTW: If you could describe the EP in three words, what would they be?

Saro: "Just add water."

OTW: What did the writing process look like for this EP?

Saro: I would sit down with David, and we would come up with chords. Then, I'd go into the vocal booth and freestyle scratch melodies and lyrics. We'd compile the song structure, and then I'd head home to write the lyrics in bed. Usually in the dark. I like writing in the dark. Then I'd take the lyric draft back to the studio and refine, rinse and repeat.

OTW: Who are three artists on your Ones To Watch list?

Saro: Katie DeyIO Echo, and Banoffee.

OTW: Now that your first EP is out, what is up next for Saro?

Saro: Live shows definitely. I also want to finish my visual series for In Loving Memory before the end of the year. Then a second EP might be right on the heels of this one.