Q&A: Seramic’s ‘I Got You’ EP Exemplifies Modern Funky Soul


Seramic had us sold with his debut track, "People Say," in 2015. Even if it ended there, we'd still be in his corner, waiting patiently with the soulful single spinning on repeat. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. 

"People Say" was followed by the four-track Found EP, and earlier this month, we were gifted with a second serving of Seramic in the I Got You EP. Concocting a special blend of funk, soul, and R&B, the EP is a divine culmination of Seramic's unique ability to transport the classics to a modern realm. As you listen, you can take comfort in the nostalgia of deep-rooted soul while keeping your finger on the pulse of à la mode production styles.

We got the latest scoop from the man behind Seramic, including his collaboration with the legendary Bootsy Collins, touring, and other upcoming affairs. 

OTW: How do you feel about the resurgence of funk/soul in the pop realm with artists like yourself and Bruno Mars/Childish Gambino? Is it opening doors for your career?

Seramic: I love Childish Gambino’s recent record. It’s so clearly influenced by Funkadelic, and that’s certainly a sound that’s influenced me. Although I try and incorporate a lot of different genres into Seramic.

OTW: Why did you choose to initially choose to remain anonymous? Have you noticed any differences since your revealed your identity?

Seramic: Remaining anonymous wasn’t really to get a big reveal, but more to let the music speak for itself. Which is really what happened. Nothing seemed to change when people found out it was me, they still seemed to like the sound, which is good!

OTW: How did "Greg's Love" come about? What was it like to work with the legend Bootsy Collins? What was something that you learned from him?

Seramic: My bass player, Greg, sent me this really strong baseline. The song was built around that and as it started to develop we both agreed we had to get Bootsy. We couldn’t quite believe it when it actually happened–it was a dream come true, and he really did something special for the track.

OTW: Who are some other artists you look up to for inspiration?

Seramic: Prince, Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha Franklin, Outkast-loads!

OTW: What was the recording process like for the I Got You EP? 

Seramic: I recorded it half at my producer's studio where we made most of the Found EP and half at the Firepit Studio at Warner, which was so much fun; I really love it there. A couple of the songs on this EP are quite old and a long time in the development process, so it was really nice finishing them off and getting them out there.

OTW: "Croque Madame," "Picante," & "Trying" frame the EP nicely. With an industry shift to single releases rather than full albums, why is a cohesive format that fans can listen to start to finish still important to you? 

Seramic: I grew up listening to records from start to finish. I used to study every aspect of the making of a record: the lyrics, artwork, musicians etc.  How people experience the shape and form of a record will always be very important to me.

OTW: I know you supported Bear's Den and Jack Garratt on tour, how were those experiences? 

Seramic: Touring with those guys was an absolute joy; I have known them for many years, so it was like traveling with family. I am still overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity or them all. We got to play some pretty amazing venues.

OTW: Are you traveling with a band on your UK dates this summer? 

Seramic: Yeah we are a five-piece band. We have quite a complicated set up where everyone switches instruments so it's a really fun show.

OTW: Who are three artists on your Ones To Watch list and why?

Seramic: I love Morly, who is amazing; I have worked with her a lot and she is very inspiring. Nick Hakim is really great too. I have also enjoyed the new Lemon Twigs record.

OTW: What's your next endeavor? Any non-musical goals?

Seramic: I am working on making some sculptures and videos for an exhibition next year. I am also starting a zine, which I'm really excited about and want to continue making films. I am planning the next one which we will hopefully will be shooting in the next month or so.