Q&A & SHOW PREVIEW: MONOGEM ‘100%’ EP Release Party


Listening to MONOGEM's music incites mental images involving sparkles, glitter, and other ethereal novelties that don't seem to belong to planet Earth. Hence, it makes perfect sense that a Monogem Ring is actually defined as a supernova remnant–the leftover glow from an exploded star. 

On May 24 at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, we invite you to join us in celebrating in such otherworldly magic at MONOGEM's 100% EP release party. Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh (MONOGEM) will be joined by fellow electro-pop up & comers Party Nails and Sheare for the ultimate dance party at the iconic east side venue. 

The 100% EP will be released on May 19, and you can pre-order it in preparation for the big night here. Get the scoop on the EP and release party from MONOGEM herself in our Q&A below, then grab your tickets here. We'll see you there!


OTW: Congrats on the upcoming 100% EP! Can you tell us what make this record different and special from the rest of the electro-pop world?

Thank you so much for your support OTW; it means the world to me.  I am incredibly excited about this new collection of songs.  I’m in love with the production on this record and feel that is what sets us apart.  We were able to get creative with instrumentation this time around.  Peter Dyer is a master of sound design, and together we used modular synths and also got to play with the Therevox on a couple tracks.  It was inspiring to get away from the traditional keyboard-focused way of making music while using these analog synths to stretch and push our boundaries.  

OTW: What's the story behind the title? Why 100%?

100% is the title of the most recent single.  The amount of time it takes me to finish a song varies–it can take months, weeks or even a few hours.  "100%“ was one of those songs that took about 4 hours to write, which is a rarity.  I wrote it with songwriter/producer Neara Russell, and the song literally poured out of me.  We wrote it about feeling doubtful yet vulnerable when really getting to know someone.  Aside from it being my favorite track on the EP, I felt it was perfect for the EP title because listeners (both new and old) are still getting to know me…and this is completely and 100% me.  See what I did there? ;-)

OTW: How have you planned and prepared for your EP release party to make it everything you wanted it to be?

Anyone who comes on May 24 will witness the debut of a brand new and improved show.  We are working to make it even more dynamic and also very fluid.  I don’t want to give too much away, but we will have some fresh arrangements, special guests and some fun additions to our stage design.  I can’t wait!

OTW: How did you go about choosing Sheare and Party Nails as support, and Bootleg as the venue?

I played one of my first shows as MONOGEM at Bootleg Theater years ago. The stars aligned for us, and it feels totally full circle to be celebrating at Bootleg + the sound is always stellar in that room.  I’ve known Party Nails for about a year now; she is ridiculously talented and I’m thrilled to have her onboard.  I actually recently discovered Sheare when I noticed we were both performing for a special BalconyTV taping the week of the release show.  I love his music and am certain that our LA crowd will fall in love with him.  

OTW: What are you most excited about celebrating your EP? What do you hope your fans get out of the event?

I am most excited to share this new show with my community here.  L.A. is my hometown, so starting the celebration here with our warm and welcoming family will be the perfect kick off to more shows throughout the summer.  I’ve also just designed my first round of merch so now people can take me home with them!  

OTW: What was the inspiration behind your single, "Wild?"

I wrote "Wild” about people who judge.  Haters are always gonna hate, but life is just too short for any of that.  When we released the video for “Wild.” the song took on a new life to reach a wider audience.  I can only hope that this has inspired viewers and listeners to feel comfortable in their own skin.  

OTW: Who are three artists on your Ones To Watch list and why?

Party Nails - her voice and songs are absolute fire.  

CLARA-NOVA - her music is so smart and charming.  

KAUF - his music creates the perfect landscape for a chill dance party.