Q&A With Kevin Garrett


Special is the only word we can think of that can accurately describe Kevin Garrett. The Brooklyn-based crooner has been making quite a name for himself in the past couple of years. After tours with James Vincent McMorrow and X Ambassadors, Kevin has caught the attention of a lot of people. With the release of his Mellow Drama EP earlier this year, his stock is at an all-time high and rising. We tracked down Kevin in LA recently and talked to him about his new genre of music, his upcoming tour with Alessia Cara, and his unreleased folk album.

Why do you coin your music Odd Soul?

It's mostly about influences. Most of my production is rooted in soul and a form of alternative R&B. The Odd Soul tag started as a joke. I put Odd Soul into the iTunes metadata and people saw it and it started catching on.  Let's wait and see if it becomes a real thing (laughs).

I read that Sam Cooke has influenced you a lot.  But it's interesting that you also have this folk-rock background too. What's going to happen with folk-rock band Noble Hunter?

Noble Hunter is on a break right now. There's an album out there that exists. It's sitting in a folder somewhere. Once we were all done with college, we went our separate ways but it's not over until we say it's over so we'll see how it plays out.

It was just announced that you're going to be touring with Alessia Cara next year. She's another artist that we're keeping tabs on. How did that come together?

I just want to say that I'm just happy to stay busy. I just got off of a tour with X Ambassadors and now Alessia. She's a friend so she sent me a note one day asking my manager to talk to her manager. Next thing you know, my manager says she wants me to open on her tour and of course I said I was down.  

How has life changed for you released the Mellow Drama EP?

The gears have been turning. I'm just happy to be here, play the right notes, and get to gigs on time (laughs). I like performing a lot but I'm also looking forward to some down time around Christmas. Hopefully I'll have time to write some more and work on some new music. Any time that I'm not on the road, I'm going to be working on the album.

Finally, what has been the most surreal part of your journey so far?

When I started touring with James Vincent McMorrow about a year ago, it was the first time I really went on tour. At the time, I had 5 Twitter followers and they were all my friends. Now, people are coming to my shows and connecting with the music, which was my ultimate goal. Whenever you put something out, you want people to relate and connect with it in their own way. I still work my own merch table at shows and when people come up to me and tell me how one of my songs has affected them, its extremely fulfilling.

Stream Kevin Garret's Mellow Drama EP here.