QUIÑ Enlists Syd for The Pastel Infused Dream “Sticky Situation”


Photo: Justin Brown

They say that dreams do indeed come true, and QUIÑ just made our dreams come true with her latest single "Sticky Situation." QUIÑ is joined by Syd, of The Internet and Odd Future, in what can only be described as a dream duo for a soulful, funk-filled jam. Describing her own trademark sound as "fantasy soul," QUIÑ could not be more on the mark, as "Sticky Situation" visually and sonically transports us to another place entirely.

Directed by creative duo BushRenz, the accompanying video for "Sticky Situation" is a pastel-hued dream. QUIÑ finds herself in an expansive desert, but the scene is not one of distress as she frolics around the sunset-lit pastel pink landscape. The otherworldly sequences are intermixed with sudden and seemingly unrelated cuts that demand the viewer's immediate and focused attention. As far as aesthetics go, QUIÑ and Bush Renz (directors) are equally on point. On its sonically and thematic elements, QUIÑ shared a few words with The Fader on the making of "Sticky Situation,"

"I got together with Syd at her crib and we kicked it, played some beats, and this ended up being the mood.  So, you know a sticky situation when you taste one. A bitter sweet now and later type of love. It’s a flavor, it can be yummy, but it won’t last long… like bubble gum lol."

Simple and sweet, very much in the same vein of "Sticky Situation" itself. Coated in fantastical production and backed by entrancingly sweet vocals, the one bitter thing about "Sticky Situation" is that it doesn't last long enough.

Watch the video for "Sticky Sweet" below and look out for QUIÑ sophomore EP Dream Girl out this fall: