RÜDE CÅT Brings Us Into His World With “Myself”

RÜDE CÅT is a dynamic singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. You could say that he's a one man orchestra. Not being held back by any genre classifications, his music effortlessly cascades across genre compositions from song structures at home in classical music to guitar riffs native to rock. His debut single "Homesick" leaned into pop folk, while his new single "Myself" leans more into orchestral R&B. 

When asked to describe the idea behind "Myself," RÜDE CÅT said, 

"'Myself' is an ode to independent artists, entrepreneurs, single parents, the under-appreciated, under-valued, and underestimated. It screams the plight of anyone managing more than they should bear alone, especially in silence…and yet still overcoming adversity with a smile."

RÜDE CÅT's music is grounded in innovative instrumentation and relatable lyrics. Listen to "Myself" below and get lost in the world of RÜDE CÅT.