Raayon Proves Genuine Connection Is The Most Powerful Force With “All In” [PREMIERE]


Bringing her powerful and intimate music into the spotlight, Raayon is modernizing the classic jazz sounds she grew up with in her new song "All In." Playing with sultry sounds and soothing vocal runs, this new track is a display of Raayon's mature musical nature.

"All In" is a unique track that showcases varying musical techniques and vibrant sounds. The song opens with a steady guitar arpeggiating chords that feel like a duple meter and Raayon sweetly scatting over the intro. When the chorus drops, the meter switches to the common quadruple feel and carries a very uptempo beat as she lulls: "Leave your troubles as you drop your clothes." Conveying strong emotions and vulnerability through her sensual lyrics, Raayon is delivering true authenticity to her music. As for her inspiration behind the tune, Raayon said,

"'All In" talks about the beauty and rareness of finding a bond in which you can be your vulnerable authentic self physically, emotionally & spiritually. Being in a situation where the person not only 'sees' you but helps you come to terms with some of your own fears. It's a rare and unique experience, thus the underlying sadness of the song, because it's not what I’ve been able to experience in past relationships, although I always think I am close."

Exploring the rarity of true connection, "All In" is a powerful song that evokes intoxicating sentiments of pure love. Romantic relationships aren't the only ones that can have an intimate connections. Whether it's with friends or family, these special bonds are the ones we will continue to hold close to our hearts.