Rainsford Unites with Swimsuit Issue in the Spirit of Valentine’s Day


Last fall, singer-songwriter Rainey Qualley impressed with her '80s-leaning pop anthem, "Too Close." Now, Los Angeles-based singer known as Rainsford is back with another noteworthy single featuring her own sweetheart, Miles Garber (a.k.a. Swimsuit Issue).

The candy-colored duet, "Sweet Spot," showcases Rainsford's smooth, soulful, and relatable pop. The track's shrewd lyrics paint a picture of a relationship at the turning point between just having fun and being completely serious.

Margaret Qualley, Rainsford's sister who stars in HBO's The Leftovers, sent love for her sister's new song on Instagram:

"My sister's new single is out today!!! It's called 'Sweet Spot' and it's amazing and everyone should go buy it. I love you Rainey and I'm so insanely proud of you." 

Rainsford has only released two tracks so far, and they've already amassed 1 million plays on Spotify alone. Stay tuned for more!