Rap, Sex, & Frosting: A Q&A With Boyfriend

With a rap name like Boyfriend, you don't really know what to expect. The New Orleans based hip-hop artist is fine with that. This makes the allure of her music that much greater. She is the pioneer of rap cabaret; a unique rap burlesque show that must be appreciated live and sometimes leaves it audience covered in frosting (exhibit A). We recently caught up with Boyfriend and talked to her about New Orleans, rap battles, and sexuality.

Do you miss teaching?

Yes but in the way I miss all memories. It's always growing - the archive of places I can never revisit.

At what point did you realize you were going to pursue music full time?

Well, there will always be children who need teachers, but I will not always be young and primed for cultural domination.

What do you feel is the key to having confidence in one's own sexuality?

Forgiveness. Of yourself & of those who have planted shameful weeds in the garden of your natural instincts.

New Orleans has the best ____________ in the world.


What are the inspirations (music, movies, etc) behind the “rap cabaret” concept?

There's no business like show business! I think our collective unconscious is well-stocked with Broadway & boudoir imagery.

Now that the "Love Your Boyfriend" series has concluded, do you have another concept project that we can look forward to?

I think I'll eventually work my way back to my roots in the Garden of Eden.

You're an avid reader, what should be on your fans' summer reading list?

The Complete Short Stories of Flannery O'Connor. Or, in consideration of his recent passing, anything by Pat Conroy (sigh).

Name one artist (rapper or not) that you would like to rap battle?

I don't participate in rap battles, I'm a pacifist.