Rapper To Watch: Chester Watson

Kids these days, it’s like the younger they get, the more absurdly prodigious they are. Keep on preaching how disillusioned and skill-less the twentysomethings are, but when you come up for air, listen to what the ones born after 1995 are up to. Of course there is Lorde, who broke out at the ripe age of 16 and won two Grammys by 17; Bishop Nehru, the 16-year old rapper who’s in the running for the XXL freshman class; Taylor Swift, who scored big time with her career-launching single “Tim McGraw” at 15; and on. Now on the rap front, there is Chester Watson, who was already on mixtape #3 by age 15. On his current mixtape, Tin Wooki, you’ll find his sleepy hypnotic flow poured easy over a collection of late-summer beats. Tune in, and find yourself shaking your head and sighing at this 17-year-old’s talent. Also, props to Glass Animals for turning us on to him. Check out their collaboration below as well.