Rationale Straps You Into An Emotional Rollercoaster With ‘High Hopes’ EP


After the release of his stunning debut album, Zimbabwe-born, London-based singer & songwriter Tinashé Fazakerley, the person behind Rationale, is back with more music. Checking off many milestones in his career, such as collaborations and tours with Katy Perry, praise from Pharrell Williams, and performances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Rationale is ready to change up his sound and work outside of his comfort zone.

His new EP High Hopes is a powerful journey that experiments with varying sounds and new production techniques. The first track "Explosions" is a funky tune that utilizes spiraling synths and stimulating grooves that encourages you to just dance and have a good time. The title track "High Hopes" is a brilliant and uplifting track that opens your eyes and heart to the person you've fallen completely in love with. Leading into a haunting ballad, "Kindred" revamps the soulful/blues sound he grew up on and enlightens us to moments in which we find our inner strength thanks to the loved ones around us.

“One By One” harnesses Afro/Caribbean beats to harness the critical lesson that the relationships in our life deserve more attention, especially since there is "no retribution for the lost." Closing out with a solemn tune, “73” reflects on moments of true love and how important those emotions carry on for years. In terms of the overall project and what lead him to this point, Rationale explained,

"I had a choice of doing straight down the line 80's synth-based tunes - that's my sound, that's what people know me for. But is that challenging for me and my palette? No. I want to keep challenging myself as a producer and songwriter. To not repeat myself and above all, have fun with my craft."

High Hopes is a collection of tracks that express a palette of emotions, dreams, desires, and memories. Retaining the soulful vocals we fell in love with on his last album, Rationale takes his music to the next level in a sonic story that is truly reflective of him.