Raveena Celebrates Sexual Fluidity in “Temptation” Video


Raveena is an inimitable vibe. The New York-based R&B artist has enamored audiences and critics with her velvety-smooth vocal lulls that evoke memories of the golden age of R&B. However, Raveena's artistry is not pure, applauded evocative nostalgia. In her past works, and her latest stunning work "Temptation," the New York artist celebrates and explores themes relating to femininity, personal growth, and women of color.

"Temptation," Raveena's newest offering to the world, is a twofold force, arriving as an ethereal sonic showcasing of the artist's vocals and a mesmerizing visual accompaniment. Directed by Raveena and Jackson Tisi, the hazy and hypnotic visual affair is reminiscent of a Bollywood movie, from the video's opening and closing title cards to the striking abundance of primary colors. And while it's easy to get lost in the heavenly vocal coos and spellbinding production, the star of the show is the way in which Raveena gracefully tackles the previously taboo topic of sexual fluidity.

Personifying sexual fluidity in the character "Ms. Temptation," played by the magnetic Giannina Antonette Oteto, Raveena grapples with her growing feelings of lust towards someone who is supposed to be just a friend. That is not to say Raveena wallows in her newfound feelings. In a similar vein to her past works, "Temptation" in every respect feels like a celebration of sexual fluidity, and in particular, the love and connection shared between two women. "Temptation" is an R&B love song for a new era; an era accepting and open enough to boldly explore new territory.

Watch the video for "Temptation" below: