Ray LaMontagne Shatters Couple’s Concert Experience

Well, this is interesting. Looks like there's an unhappy couple in Grand Rapids, Michigan who probably won't be telling Ray LaMontagne, "You Are the Best Thing" for quite some time.

According to reports out of the western Michigan area, LaMontagne had an un-Supernova moment as he abruptly stopped his show to acknowledge his frustrations with a chatty couple in the front row. Reports indicate "numerous f-bombs" were used as the singer-songwriter unloaded on the two attendees as they were escorted out of the venue.

A local ABC station was able to catch up with the dismissed couple who admitted they were extremely embarrassed and humiliated with how things happened. The unidentified male in the report also noted how he and his fiancée were simply discussing their excitement for their upcoming wedding. He also told reporters that they were planning on using a LaMontagne song for their wedding.