RAYE Transforms Least Glamorous Aspect of Partying Into a Dance Anthem on “The Line”


RAYE's entrance into 2017 attests to the notion that she is currently one of the most interesting new voices in the U.K. electronic scene. As RAYE's vocal stylings shift between pop and rap with ease, The Line" is an immediately captivating dance anthem.

Instead of highlighting the everyday glamorized aspects of nightlife, "The Line" opts to turn the mundane aspect of waiting in a seemingly never-ending lineinto the main focus of the party. In doing so, RAYE manages to breathe fresh air into the often-hackneyed party-centric single. She crafts an intelligent party anthem that is all-parts relatable and self-aware.

Check back here for what is sure to be a massive 2017 for RAYE, and listen to the single below: