Review: Tobi Lou is Earnest About Vulnerability on ‘tobi lou and the Loop’ EP


Delivering his second release of the 2018, Chicago- based rapper Tobi Lou is back with the tobi lou and the Loop EP. Coming in just under 13 minutes, the project highlights the rapper's ability to communicate the vulnerability and frustration of the common coming-of-age themes like love, peer pressure, and personal growth. The 5-song EP includes production from Juice Bangers, LEJKEYS, SWRLY, Chatroom, Facer, and co-production from Tobi himself on all of the tracks.

The intro serves as an announcement for the title of his debut album as well as a well-used opportunity for a reference from The Office. "Buff Baby" is the first real song on the project and seems to be inspired by Finn's song on the Cartoon network show "Adventure Time." He then transitions into back-to-back discourses on unrequited love. "Darlin" serves as an open letter to a heart breaker he can't get over. While "The Blue" uses a Dilla-esque beat set the tempo for a common story of she loves me, she loves me not. Wrapping up the project is  "The Fun", which could be the sequel to Alessia Cara's "Here" if she decided to stay at the party and do drugs.

Tobi lou and the Loop is a great appetizer for the main course that will be Cult Classic. It's clear that Tobi has a distinct vision for his music. With diverse tastes in production and a knack for telling relevant and vulnerable stories, I'm sure Tobi will impress everyone with his debut full-length project. Stream tobi lou and the Loop below and check back for more from this rapper on the rise.