Rip Your Heart Wide Open with Pop Darling Daya’s “New” Banger


The 18-year-old pop breakout star Daya has returned with "New," her driving and heart-wrenching first single and video release with a major label. The world has come to know Daya for her fierce electro-pop radio hits like "Sit Still, Look Pretty" and "Hide Away" from her 2016 debut album, as well as her Grammy-winning multi-platinum collaboration on The Chainsmokers' now iconic "Don't Let Me Down." Having signed to Interscope in 2017, the release of "New" marks a new era for the young artist's career and personal journey.

Likely an all-too relatable song for many fans, "New" is full of raw regret and all the emotion that comes with realizing, perhaps too late, that you may have walked away from someone you shouldn't have. As the track builds with powerful intensity to the end, it evokes the overwhelming feeling brought on by swirling, obsessive thoughts of a past lover. Unable to escape the haunting memories of a love that maybe was too terrifyingly real, Daya expresses perfectly the lingering effect on her current, flailing attempt at a new relationship.

Daya revealed on Twitter in a note to fans that "New" represents "a more honest, vulnerable," shift in her forthcoming music. Wise for her age, she shared:

"I want this to be something that hits. Something that wakes you from a deep sleep or a state of numbness. We've been taught to suppress our feelings in times of extreme highs and lows but it's much more healthy to let them live and run their course."

With an impressive range to boot, Daya's aching vocals on "New" punctuate what it feels like to miss someone with a fervor. The songstress cries out, "I'm missing you / What the hell did I do? / Messing with someone new / Thinking I wanted to / Turns out I don't want new / I want you," leading up to the satisfying drop. The electronic-heavy pop track was produced by Stargate and Sir Nolan and co-written with both in addition to James Newman and Brett McLaughlin; the music video was directed by Tobias Nathan.

Working with a very small team initially as an independent artist proved successful for Daya as she built her career from the ground up and burst onto the mainstream pop scene. Ones To Watch was able to snag a Q&A with the pop princess ahead of her Grammy win and tour early in 2017. Now with Interscope, Daya is looking forward to being able to utilize all the resources of a major label to develop her art and connect with her fanbase on a deeper level. Growing into her own, she has said that she is taking more creative control lately and it is resulting in deeper, emotionally intimate music that "New" is hopefully just our first taste of.

Blast Daya's "New" anthem on repeat below: