Rising Producer Devault Picks 5 Electronic Artists To Watch


While one quick glimpse at Devault's music may lead to a simple categorization of "electronic artist," a deeper dive into his background, influences, and accomplishments opens the door to so much more. 

At the ripe age of 21, the Orange County-based producer successfully pulls from an eclectic range of influences, from Depeche Mode to A$AP Rocky, in order to create an ever-evolving sound that has been greatly (and very quickly) received by fans and industry alike. In 2017 alone, his remixing skills were enlisted for major singles by Rihanna, AlunaGeorge, Kehlani, and one of our top artists to watch, Billie Eilish. Not to mention, he's already amassed 10 million Spotify streams with original singles, "Nothing New," "All I Need," and "Right With You."

As demand continues to grow, Devault maintains a clear understanding of exactly how to navigate his future,

"Everything is so accessible now that it has become quite unique to get my point across outside of just my music catalogue. I'm able to showcase various arts to my audience beyond sound that can convey my thoughts and past emotions. The world I'm creating is vast but specific. Dark emotion and vibrant energy in perfect sequence, and as time presses forward, it will only become more narrow and focused."

Judging by his apparent knowledge and passion for the current electronic music scene, we decided to hand the reins over to the real expert. So here it is: Devault's top five picks for up & coming dance artists, along with personal commentary, are listed below. 

Jerry Folk

Jerry is talented in all areas of production, and his recent release "Purple Feelings" is a true testament of his raw talent. He's been releasing great music for over a year now and will be a pioneer of the new wave/mid tempo sound that is starting to take hold in the electronic realm of things.


Graves, native from Hawaii, is fresh off an amazing EP Hilo and has already grown a cult audience behind his dark melodic soundscape. "Let Me Go" from his recent EP is flawless and have never come across anything below superb from him.


I've been a big fan of these guys for a few months now, and really impressed by their song "zZz" that was crazy switch up at the time in the SoundCloud/blog world. These two guys from the Netherlands definitely push a new boundary each release and keep things refreshing.


I very recently came across Montell2099 with his remix of Lorde's "Green Light." After listening to the rest of his catalogue, it was awesome hearing such a cool groove he creates in each track. His music reminds me of an almost modern Timbaland/Pharrell digital drum sound with an obvious killer taste in melody.


It's awesome coming across someone new like Flybear with an immediate signature sound. He's very articulate with percussion and carries so much musical integrity in each piece of music. Like I mentioned with Jerry Folk, he's pioneering a mid tempo sound that I think will soon catch heat.