Rising R&B Artist Pink Sweat$ May or May Not Lead To Unexpected Pregnancy [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Pink is a special color. With a series of hues that range from being dramatic, harsh, and strong to soft, poignant, and delicate, no one embodies these colorful characteristics more than rising 26-year-old singer-songwriter and producer Pink Sweat$. The Philadelphia native is taking a new approach to creating genre-bending music. Though Pink's music is rooted in R&B and soul, he carefully strips back the typical genre-specific production to leave room for his stunning melodies and memorable lyrics. 

First making music at the age of 19 as a demo vocalist at the legendary Sound Stigma Studios, it was there he discovered his love for songwriting and began to develop his career in music. Previously producing for big names across all kinds of genres, including Florida Georgia Line, MAX, and Tierra Whack, Pink Sweat$ is showcasing his unique musical style.

Breaking out with his single "Honesty," the soft, stripped back tune is the epitome of his songwriting style. Making room for his beautiful vocals and holding back on production, the track bleeds intimacy and…honesty. Laced with perfectly pink shades and an unexpected plot twist, the music video for "Honesty" dramatizes the reality of being taken for granted when you love someone so much.

Releasing his EP Volume 1 this past November, Pink Sweat$ dives into the depths of experiencing a tumultuous relationship. Consisting of plenty of highs, and the heartbreaking lows, Pink takes us through a series of personal experiences that cause an overwhelming assortment of feelings to rush over you. The acoustic guitar acts as a fundamental element equal to the vocals and the each track introduces new, little instruments that make each song one-of-a-kind. 

"Call Me" echoes the longing for a past love while "Drama" talks about being surrounded by the right group of friends who support your dreams. Moving into "Would You," the song talks about looking for affirmation in a relationship. Some tend to give more than others, and Pink lulls: "All the things I would do for you, would you do for me, too?" The numbing song "Cocaine" tackles the emptiness one may feel when they're trying to escape from strains of cascading emotions they can't handle, and the final track "No Replacing You" recognizes the irreplaceable traits of your significant other. Volume 1 is just the first segment of Pink Sweat$'s story, and it's definitely not the last. 

Pink Sweat$ is a remarkable artist on the rise and will find his place in your heart with his quintessential R&B vocals and exceptional songs. Though 2018 is in its final hours, there are big things for Pink Sweat$ in 2019 so be sure to keep an eye out.