RITUAL’s “Drown The Lovers” Remix feat. 6LACK Gets Us Deep in Our Feelings


Fans of the London-based, R&B electronic group RITUAL know that its producers love to pair their minimalistic electro-soul with hip-hop and rap vocalists. Back with a new remix for their song "Drown The Lovers" released in February 2017, feature artist 6LACK adds a poignant verse to the downtempo track.

6LACK has garnered much attention with his recent rise to prominence in the hip-hop and R&B worlds. In late 2016 the rapper released his debut album, FREE 6LACK, and by early 2017 he was opening for The Weeknd's Starboy: Legend of the Fall North American tour. RITUAL has said that they consider 6LACK to be "the most exciting new artist that's come out of America in the last year or so."


6LACK opens the "Drown The Lovers" remix with his soulfully gritty voice and signature pensive take on relationship complexities. An intense desire to forget past lovers and the deep-rooted pain from the repercussions of their actions is conveyed in lines like, "Love is like a pool / Tell the others they can drown in it, too / But I got better plans for us / I'm down for drownin' in you," and "Watch 'em thrash while you float / Then you laugh from a boat / Drop a heart like an anchor on the coast." RITUAL vocalists Gerard O'Connell and, newest addition, Mononoke (Katie Taylor) hand off the song's remaining verses and join together with 6LACK on each chorus. This blend of seductive, impassioned voices serves the stark yet sultry track well.

Zane Lowe dropped the new remix as his World Record on the day of its release and hosted RITUAL's Adam Gross on his Beats 1 Radio show. The frontman revealed that the group had discovered 6LACK's song "Loyal" while filming the video for their original version of "Drown The Lovers." When they released a cover of the track, 6LACK took notice and a friendship spontaneously bloomed between the artists over Instagram DMs. RITUAL is set to release next No Escape Out of Time, a 10-track project including six originals and their cover of 6LACK's "Loyal," on Sept. 29.

Hear 6LACK's new verse on "Drown The Lovers" below: