ROSALÍA and J Balvin Reach New Heights in the Reggaeton Hit “Con Altura”

Over the past year, ROSALÍA's artistry has flourished. Following her debut album, Los Ángeles, the Spanish singer-songwriter transformed and modernized her style of music, revitalizing the traditional flamenco genre. And in her new single, we see her latest evolution, as she teams up with Latin superstars J Balvin and El Guincho in "Con Altura." The single is nothing short of infectious and is accompanied by an equally enjoyable music video that features dynamic choreography. The video shows the three singers swaggering around a private jet, quite literally illustrating the single's title of "Con Altura," which translates to to "with height." 

ROSALÍA shares the journey of creating this catchy new single, 

"'Con Altura' is an homage to the more classic and original reggaeton: reggaeton playero. When I was younger I loved listening to reggaeton and it could have been natural for me to make a song like this before, but I don't like to force anything. As a musician I let myself be guided by my intuition in every moment. It wasn't until a few months ago in a studio in Miami where I started writing in this direction: I proposed to my cowriters that we work with a Dominican sample I found, then Frank Dukes added his own sample, and El Guincho added percussion, and the record was born, a Barcelonan-American-Latin pop vibe. Once the beat was built, I wrote the hook in less than five minutes, and when that happens it's for a reason. I am very proud of this song and believe in it so much, because there is inspiration in a genre like reggaeton, but in a subjective and personal level, from a place of power and strength. I didn't hesitate to show the song to my friend Jose (J Balvin) and he loved the track and sent over such a fresh and raw verse. I think all the pieces of this puzzle came together and are there for a purpose. I really hope that everyone who listens to it receives it with the same love with which it was made."

Released at the end of last year, ROSALÍA  released her second full-length album, El Mal Querer. It was the first project in which ROSALÍA showcased her new sound, a captivating blend of pop, hip-hop, and R&B expressed through traditional flamenco melodies. In support of her album, catch ROSALÍA on her first headlining tour this spring, in addition to a host of festival appearances across the globe.