Ross From Friends Chronicles His Parents’ First Meeting in the Video for “Pale Blue Dot”


Photo: Fabrice Bourgelle

There is something uniquely foreign about electronic dance music. Not to say that at its core it is not innately interesting or enjoyable, but rather, there is something alien about the entire experience, almost as if the majority of it was lacking a certain human element. Despite this seeming disconnect, Ross From Friends has succeeded in crafting a dance project that feels resoundingly human. Every miraculous aspect of Ross From Friend's bleeds through in his single "Pale Blue Dot." It would be no understatement to say he has put every ounce of himself into this project.

"Pale Blue Dot" is the second single off Ross From Friend's upcoming debut album Family Portrait, which is out July 27 via Brainfeeder. The forthcoming album is a love letter to both electronic music and his upbringing. Felix Clary Weatherall, the man behind Ross From Friends, grew up in an environment where electronic music was a constant fixture. Nowhere is this sentiment clearer than in the video for "Pale Blue Dot," which chronicles his parents' first meeting. Through a series of found VHS tapes, Weatherall chronicles his parents' earliest moments together and the earliest days of Europe's vibrant dance scene. It's pure unadulterated nostalgia backed by worldly electronic music, a true sight to behold.

Speaking on making Family Portrait, Ross from Friends shared,

"Every time I went to make music the things which would really grab me are the emotional things, and while I'm in that place I felt I could really focus on the track. That was a massive part of this album, tapping into my emotions…into my emotional instability"

If "Pale Blue Dot" is any indication of what one can expect from Family Portrait, we are bound for an empathic, intrinsically human electronic experience.

Watch the video for "Pale Blue Dot" below: