Rudimental Enlists YEBBA & Maverick Sabre for the Ridiculously Feel-Good “They Don’t Care About Us”


In a time where the world seems like an increasingly darker and lonelier place, music like Rudimental's feel particularly necessary. The London-based electronic outfit blend dubstep, R&B, house, soul, and drum'n'bass, all while never losing sight of the underlying humanity that makes their music such a worldwide sensation. Today, Rudimental returns with "They Don't Care About Us," which sees the UK outfit leveraging some of the finest emerging talents to breathe life into a resoundingly good time.

Despite its name, "They Don't Care About Us" is not an admission of sorrow or defeat. Rather, it is an optimistic track that rejoices in the overflowing love that exists around the world. Built around a steadily-moving framework that expands from heart-warming future soul to glowing pop, Rudimental, YEBBA, and Maverick Sabre trade verses detailing about "they" are not stronger than love. And while the aforementioned "they" is never explicitly mentioned, it never feels like it needs to be. Thanks to the wholly positive approach "They Don't Care About Us" employs, it breeds nothing about positivity, which is something more important than ever right now.

However, "They Don't Care About Us" addresses the cost of being upbeat at all times. As YEBBA's earth-shattering vocals belt out the lines, "In a world full of commotion / I know it's hard to keep devotion," it touches on a very real problem with attempting to stay positive in a world filled with disarray. It can often feel like it an exhausting and at times, foolish task. But "They Don't Care About Us" addresses this and throughout its four-minute-plus run provides a much-needed spark of hope. The track comes from Rudimental’s forthcoming and aptly-titled album, Toast To Our Differences, which is due out Jan. 25.

Listen to "They Don't Care About Us" below: