Russ’ Success is Long “Overdue”


Russ may be the hardest working rapper in the industry right now.  In the past year alone, the Atlanta rapper has dropped over 20 self-produced tracks, gained over 200K followers on his SoundCloud, and is kicking off his Yung God Tour this Friday. With so many new songs, you would think Russ is bound to hit a sour note, but his newest release "Overdue" proves once again that every new release is still as fresh as the first.

“Overdue," which dropped yesterday, highlights Russ' fiery beats and slick rhymes as he describes a sensual encounter with a woman that's long "overdue."  With features on BET and MTV Wonderland last week, we see the underground rapper moving mainstream in the near future. Catch his weekly releases at his SoundCloud and stream "Overdue" below.