Russo’s Debut EP ‘House with a Pool’ Cools You Off Pop-Rock Waves


On July 13, Russo finally released their debut EP, House with a Pool. This pop-rock band's lead woman is Cailin Russo, former model who is letting music take the forefront. Tyler McCarthy is pure on guitar, Hayley Brownell is stellar on drums and backing vocals, while Sean Ritchie is groovin' on bass. Together, the four-piece band Los Angeles band is bring retro rock back on the music scene.

Cailin Russo started her music career as a solo artist, with debut single "September Rose." This song is a strikingly dark contrast from House with a Pool – as she found inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Jamila Woods. Now, she finds inspiration from her father, who was the lead singer of rock band Unwritten Law. House with a Pool marks the official entry into her new rebellious punk sound. 

House with a Pool opens with a little girl with a sassy demeanor, as she rejects lies that are being thrown at her. Lead single "Ghost" is about two extremely different people finding uncanny infatuation with one another. The EP ends with two great songs, "Bad Things" and "Joyride." "Bad Things" boosts a driving bass, and a gritty guitar that mimics the chorus' infectious bassline. Closing out House with a Pool, "Joyride" provides a perfect simplicity of instrumentation and melody. The new band leaves us with a word to the wise, "Enjoy the darkness till we see light."

Enjoy House with a Pool while you try to keep cool yourself this summer!