Ryder’s Video for “Sade” Will Give You a Serious Case of FOMO


Producer and singer-songwriter Ryder offers you a serving of summery pop perfection with her fashion-forward video for her latest single, "Sade." Though this songstress is on a streak of pop domination, her musical endeavors have been far from one-track minded. A child prodigy, she started singing at the age of three, diving heavily into classical, choral, opera, and folk music. By her mid-teens she had made her way into studios all over New York, collaborating with well-established writers and producers. From her teen studio days, she transitioned to a full-time student at New York University, studying alongside other gifted artists such as Gallant, Felix Snow, and RL Grime.  

After relocating to Los Angeles, Ryder spent two years locked away in the studio, refining her sound and artistry. This dedication was met with overwhelming support for her first single, "Pretty Little Gangster," which jump-started Ryder's professional career in 2015. This led to the release of a slew of singles, all of which were extraordinarily successful on various streaming platforms. Most recently her 2017 track, "King" has surpassed 1.5 million plays on Spotify alone, proving that Ryder's success is no temporary affair. 


The single is a sonic treat on its own, with allusions to flowing champagne and a nod to the iconic English group Sade. The bubbling and buoyant production perfectly match the free spirit vibes oozing from the track. The accompanying video manifests this flirty, effervescent feel. Set in a graffitied Los Angeles lot, Ryder dawns a collection of stylish New York City-inspired looks while taking a joyride with her equally trendy crew. This mob obviously knows how to party, as they celebrate the freedom that comes with letting go. From luscious images of Ryder dancing atop a car equipped with her megaphone, to her homies ecstatically jumping on an abandoned couch, waving silver streamers in the air, this video is sure to induce some serious FOMO.  

Ryder shared her vision for the video with us: 

"I loved creating this video! I had the vision in my mind for quite some time and my two badass female director producers Lillie Wojcik and Justine Suzuki that make up LYKA, came together with me to bring it to life. It was really important to me to have this air of care free camaraderie and add a bit of my east coast flavor! We had such an amazing cast of beautiful characters that really made the story what it is!"

Check out the video for "Sade" below: