Sōl Continues to Build His Brand on “Villain”


A strong visual identity can help pull a listener into the world of an artist. The importance of an artist discovering this self identity should not be understated. New York native, producer, songwriter, and singer Sōl captures the attention of listeners through the quality of his music, but turns casual listeners to returning fans through the vision he has for his artistic project.

His new track "Villain" puts Sōl's magnetic personality at its forefront. The chorus is catchy and its lyrics show Sōl writing from this alternate perspective of a Tarantino-style character. The accompanying music video, directed by Sōl and Joaquin Cavazos, perfectly captures this feeling as well with Sōl depicting himself as an outlaw straight from an action movie.

Sōl's first two singles "Things End As They Begin" and "Badside" set the foundation and "Villain" builds upon this in new and exciting ways. The multi-talented artist has a strong vision for who he is as a songwriter, vocalist, and videographer. All these different ideas tie together to make one cohesive outcome that shouldn't be skipped.

Listen to "Villain" by Sōl below: