Sōl’s “Badside” Is Nostalgic, Introspective, and Infectious


New York native Sōl has a knack for creating unique and memorable pop music. His debut release "Things End as They Begin" displayed his writing ability as well as his distinctive deep vocals. Sōl maintains this creative hot streak with the new single and accompanying music video "Badside."

The production of the track is grand and anthemic and Sōl effectively matches this intensity with his engaging delivery. The instrumental of "Things End as They Began" took more a futuristic and electro-pop direction. "Badside" moves in a slightly different direction with the instrumental having more classic pop and R&B elements. Sōl's ability to capture the audience's attention on a variety of different sounds is what makes him such an exciting new artist. He also experiments with his vocal inflections and lowers it for a refrain towards the end of the track. The chorus "she's the only one that knows my bad side" is catchy to say the least.

The music video, directed by Sōl himself as well as Joaquin Cavazos, has a vintage aesthetic with Sōl wearing a jumpsuit and biking around New York.

"Badside" helps establish the visual identity of Sōl and serves as another strong single that’s both refreshing and captivating.

Listen to "Badside" by Sōl below: