S U R V I V E’s New LP Is Even More Haunting Than Their Stranger Things Soundtrack


Along with everyone else, we binge-watched Stranger Things on Netflix. One of the coolest parts about the show, in our opinion, is the spooky, '80s score that leaves every episode feeling creepier than the next. Meet the guys behind our nightmares: S U R V I V E

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the Austin four-piece were handpicked by the directors of the show, Matt and Russ Duffer, for their eerie tunes. Nonetheless, that didn't slowed them down from working on their own album, RR7349, alongside fellow band members Adam Jones and Mark Donica. Their most anticipated record to date dropped last Friday, Sept. 30. 

RR7349, named after the catalogue number, retains the darkness we love but nixes the playfulness used in Stranger Things. The guys told Rolling Stones recently why they've strayed away from the more popular, digital realm of synth music:

"We’re just drawn to Seventies recording styles a little more. I mean, Eighties is great, and we love all that stuff too. But we try to make it sound a little warmer. Some depth and some movement to the dynamics of the track, just more life in there than just, like, smacking the shit out of the speakers."

S U R V I V E has already nabbed a coveted spot at the SXSW Music Festival in 2017, and we don't see anything but success in their future. Stream their new album below, and catch them on tour this fall.