Sabrina Claudio Gets Personal With “Messages From Her” & Forthcoming Project


Sabrina Claudio, the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter is back with "Messages From Her." The very personal song was written by Sabrina herself, and produced by extraordinary talent Sad Money and Kaveh Rastegar. It signifies the first taste of Claudio's upcoming intimate album No Rain, No Flowers, to be released August 15 through Atlantic Records. Here is what to expect from the long-awaited project: 

"'No Rain, No Flowers' is an inside look into my journey of healing and growth. Rain symbolizes darkness but also represents an essential part of rebirth. If there is no rain, there are no flowers."

Learning from the mistakes of the past, this album and single have been highly anticipated for months. With her fabulous debut EP Confidently Lost and full-length album About Time, she gained recognition from iTunes R&B chart, Spotify and the blogosphere. Gaining more traction, she was featured on Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack with original song "Cross Your Mind."

As a staple, Claudio's music is sultry and sexy, landing songs like recent single "All To You" on very specific playlists *wink wink.* Now, she is challenging herself by expanding the content, musically and lyrically, and by showing beauty as only skin deep. Claudio expands on why she wrote "Messages From Her,"

"I wrote 'Messages From Her' during a moment of self - reflection to a happier time in my childhood where adulthood and every responsibility that is attached to it was nonexistent.  Finding myself wishing I could speak to that little girl so she could give her perspective on what life and happiness are really about."  

In the powerful chorus, Claudio sings, "To life when I was young; That girl inside me stays, If I am not here for me, she will be there." Being able to forgive oneself and others allows room for growth during severe trauma. Listen to the new single below: