SAENS’ Avant-Garde Masterpiece “Wind Turns Cold” Video Will Give You Chills [PREMIERE]


SAENS has crafted a cinematic equivalent to his ambient soulful single, "Wind Turns Cold." The Montreal singer songwriter takes the visual aspect to a whole new level as he leverages a black and white landscape against delicate dance movements. The video is a direct comparison to SAENS' original concept of personifying feeling alone amongst a crowd of people. "Wind Turns Cold" has a flowing downtempo rhythm that captures the audience’s breath as well as their attention the whole way through.    

The indie artist has showcased his introspective view into his emotional journey and longtime battle with mental health. SAENS dissects his thought process for what went into creating "Wind Turns Cold,"

"I've always was scared of being abandoned, and always felt extremely lonely, as a child, even though I was surrounded by people. At some point I realized, I was setting such high expectations in regard to the people around me that I'd always feel disappointed and misunderstood.The video represents what was the conclusion of that chapter in my life. Where we see people, all from different background, showing love and empathy for each other in the purest form."

There is no surprise that SAENS, prior to being a musician, studied film and theater in New York, NY. There, his artistic vision came into its own – he began writing all of his songs from a cinematic and visual perspective, creating an enchanting blend of moods and a compelling narrative for audiences. SAENS puts his intriguing signature spin on each single he crafts. On just one listen there is no denying the depth and beguiling nature "Wind Turns Cold" possesses.

Watch the captivating visual first here: