SAINt JHN’s “McDonalds Rich” Is a Rap Banger That Redefines the Concept of Wealth


Give a man in McDonald's a dollar and you feed him for a day; give a man in McDonald's 100,000 dollars and you make him a king. It's this idea of skewed economic perspectives that self-made Brooklyn artist SAINt JHN explores in his thunderous new single "McDonalds Rich."

The booming new single, produced by longtime collaborator f a l l e n, is an enthralling showcasing of JHN's refined sound, which he has spent years cultivating. Under a barrage of blown out production, the Brooklyn rapper delivers commanding bar after bar for a track that goes full-out from the outset and never lets up. On what inspired the explosive "McDonalds Rich," JHN shared,

"Growing up in Brooklyn I thought 100k meant you were rich. A few pairs of Saint Laurent boots later I found out exactly how false that is lol. But I still feel the same energy, so I made a song about it."

"McDonalds Rich" balances perceptions shaped by one's upbringing with the introduction of reality into an infectious hit. Transforming the not-too-kind realization of how much a dollar really goes into a rap banger that feels positively rich is no easy feat. To compare the feeling the track gives off, it's akin to going into a McDonald's with even a hundred dollars and feeling like you have Don Perignon on bottle service at the club. 

More than an arresting song, "McDonalds Rich" is the latest single from JHN's highly-anticipated forthcoming project, Ghetto Lenny's Love Songs for Christians, which will kick off his "NOT A CULT PT. II" tour. Until then, grab a Big Mac and feel like a king blasting "McDonalds Rich" on repeat.

Listen to "McDonalds Rich" below: